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{audiopurls} The First Kick at the Can.

Thank you for joining me in trying another blog post format! I’ve been wanting to try an audio post for a while and thought this was a great opportunity to try since I had some projects on the go that didn’t really lend themselves to a written post.  welfordpurls {audiopurls} Here are some of the… Continue reading {audiopurls} The First Kick at the Can.

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Hallowe’en in the Boneyard.

Happy Hallows’ Eve/October!    I’m actually not a huge fan of Hallowe’en … after working in Emergency for years and seeing what comes in during that one night of the year (read: Burns), I definitely lost my taste for the ‘fun’ night. But I digress – I wanted to share this as a kick start… Continue reading Hallowe’en in the Boneyard.

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mill ends.

While attending the Marketplace at KnitCity 2014 a couple of weekends ago, I came across spincycle yarns. They are a small yarn company located in Bellingham, WA, which is about 25 minutes (as long as the Canada-US border line ups are quiet) from my house! I kind of want to stalk them now and head… Continue reading mill ends.

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and then there were socks galore.

Never have I been a sock knitter. I am definitely a self-proclaimed sweater knitter. Problem with that is sweaters are bulky to carry around, a pattern is usually necessary (or at the very least, notes to remember what I’m doing next), and it is sometimes difficult to pick up and put down in the moment.… Continue reading and then there were socks galore.