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October SGY Fibre Club.

Since everyone has *hopefully received their club in the mail, today, being almost the last day of the month, is Reveal Day! As most of you know, I spin for Sweet Georgia Yarns each month in order to share with you what the fibre club looks like actually spun up! Sweet Georgia Yarn’s October Fibre… Continue reading October SGY Fibre Club.

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Episode 10.2 :: Tips, Tech & Socks

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast Episode 10.2 :: Tips, Tech & Socks October 2015 Thank you for watching! This month’s videocast features a new segment called Tips & Techniques, a possible breed-a-long in the group, socks and a give away. I am a Craftsy affiliate. This means that when you click on the Craftsy ad within… Continue reading Episode 10.2 :: Tips, Tech & Socks

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Christmas Pumpkin.

This is going to be a slightly picture-heavy post but since I don’t post finished objects that are knit for the kids very often, I thought maybe you wouldn’t mind? I didn’t think so. I was struck with an urge to knit the kids some Christmas sweaters this year, which I never do. I had… Continue reading Christmas Pumpkin.

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grist :: it is kind of really important.

When spinners talk about grist, I think many of us glaze over. My knee-jerk reaction to grist is, “Well, that sounds serious,” and then subsequently beetle off and do something else. But grist is actually really important. For me, the main reason that the grist of a yarn is so important is that I can… Continue reading grist :: it is kind of really important.

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Eating Grapes.

Happy Spinzilla! Nothing like kicking off the week with some finished handspun to inspire more spinning this week! I posted recently about Targhee and had been working on this superwash Targhee at the same time as spinning the Sweet Georgia braid. Weird how things come together, isn’t it? This was for the SAL that just… Continue reading Eating Grapes.

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blending colour with wool combs.

I alluded to this yarn in a previous review post but I wanted to go into more detail about how I made it. I thought it was a really interesting way of creating new colours and blending existing colours in our yarns. Bren of Snerb Studio is a huge inspiration to me – if you… Continue reading blending colour with wool combs.