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Rather than yarns you happen to create … whorls and more.

I have had a number of questions in the Ravelry group about ratios and whorls* for spinning wheels. There are some really good resources out there to get started using and understanding ratios, some conversations more technical and others more basic. *Please note that ratios and whorls is used in this post interchangeably and mean… Continue reading Rather than yarns you happen to create … whorls and more.

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Spinner Spotlight :: Diana Twiss

Happy Easter Monday! The Handspinner Spotlight is an opportunity for me to share with all of you some of the amazing handspinners out there in our community. It is an opportunity to see some of their work, as well as start to get to know a little bit about who they are and what brought… Continue reading Spinner Spotlight :: Diana Twiss

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Fibre Friday

Welcome to the first installment of ... (I'm so excited about this) ... Each week, we all work on various fibre-related things that we are excited to share with one another. Some share on  Instagram (use #fiberfriday - note the American spelling to keep things simple on Instagram!) but some of us still blog about… Continue reading Fibre Friday

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Episode 19 :: Spindles!

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast Episode 19 :: Spindles! March 2016 Thank you for watching! This week’s show features a recap of a local fibre festival last weekend, spindles and the March Sweet Georgia Yarns’ fibre club reveal! This episode does not include a tutorial on ratios – I am working on a blog post… Continue reading Episode 19 :: Spindles!

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a moment to shine.

There’s nothing inherently super special about these socks, as they are just another pair of plain vanilla Fish Lips Kiss Heel socks. But the yarn was bought at Romni Wools in Toronto at Christmastime with my dear friend and spending the day with her, laughing and reminiscing about old times was priceless. Every single time… Continue reading a moment to shine.

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on a roll …

I seem to be on a proverbial roll over here with singles yarn. I spun a third skein of singles after receiving an extra slow whorl for my Jumbo flyer, which I had ordered a few weeks ago. I am still missing the slow whorl but hope to add that next month. It will complete… Continue reading on a roll …

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calling all the singles!

I may never spin any yarn, ever again. Any yarn, that is, except singles. Oh, and maybe corespun. But not any other yarns ever again. Singles only from now on! I have to confide something to you. I actually wanted to learn to spin back in 2008 because I wanted to be able to spin… Continue reading calling all the singles!