Giveaway WINNER // Della Q

Random number generator chose comment no. 20, which was Pam, who wrote: I keep my circular needles in my Della Q combination knitting needles and crochet hook case. The other circulars live in a clear scrap booking case. For my long straight needles, some are in a home made roll up case made of fabric,… Continue reading Giveaway WINNER // Della Q

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Spinner Spotlight :: Catrina Reading

The Handspinner Spotlight is an opportunity for me to share with all of you some of the amazing handspinners out there in our community. It is an opportunity to see some of their work, as well as start to get to know a little bit about who they are and what brought them to spinning.… Continue reading Spinner Spotlight :: Catrina Reading

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the new Fibre Club.

Before the end of June passes us by - where did this month go?! – I thought I would take a moment to chat about the new Fibre Club option here at Wool n' Spinning. There are a few spots left and these packs of fibre will always be mailed out in the middle of… Continue reading the new Fibre Club.

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Episode 25

Today marks the last Friday in June! Through out the month, I have been slowly releasing items to build towards the new ‘face’ of Wool n’ Spinning. At the beginning of the month, I committed to 4 vlogs that would occur weekly with the intent of deciding whether this new recording schedule was sustainable. I… Continue reading Episode 25

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Small dose Icelandic.

The month of May passed in a blur and here we are in mid-June. I’m not at all sure where the time went! There was planning for our guild as it was our elections month and I decided to get involved with the workshops committee for next year. I will be organizing the October program,… Continue reading Small dose Icelandic.

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sweater knitting.

Over the years, I have knit many many sweaters*. And I've made tons of mistakes: Yarn too dense for a pattern, yarn knit at too dense a gauge, yarn knit at too loose a gauge, wrong pattern for yarn chosen, poor fit, sleeves too tight, sleeves too loose, yoke too shallow, yoke too deep, button band… Continue reading sweater knitting.

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Episode 24

Another instalment of my weekly video-log (vlog), focusing on the process of creating my handspinning projects! We are coming to the end of the first iteration of vlogs that I promised as a way of creating a more sustainable future for the podcast. As a way to move forward, I am pleased to announce the… Continue reading Episode 24