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As part of a larger project, I have been sampling like crazy. One after another. I am almost through my latest one and as I was working on it last night at work, I thought to myself that this exercise is an interesting one! It isn’t like anything else I’ve ever done because I’ve never sat down and thought to myself, Okay. Right. I’m going to intentionally spin about 50+ samples with my friends, just because we’re interested to see what happens. It takes on a different meaning when spinning for the intention of wanting these little samples. We are working with a variety of fibre from various prominent dyers and it is really cool work thus far. Up to now, I have been spinning most of my samples on my TurtleMade Standard Turkish Spindles for ease of portability and the sheer number that I have. I’ve been able to have about three to four samples going at once because I have **cough cough** nine **cough cough** of them. Actually, I have enough to teach a small class, which was my intention when I bought them all. Usually, they are kept put away to ensure they are not damaged by little well-meaning hands.

Here are some images of the early spinning in progress to mostly tease and delight you. Sorry to have to be so vague at this time about the project but there is more coming soon, I promise! There will be a new upcoming Patreon tier to subscribe to that will be your early access. Stay tuned. As well, there will be more and more spoilers on Instagram for fun, to share and delight over. I just love spindle shots. Do you?

Nest Long

Nest Fiber Studio, Polwarth & Silk

Nest Long (5)

Want to see one more? Okay. Me too.


Three Waters Farm; Polwarth & Silk


More soon! Until then,

Happy Spinning!


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  1. These are beautiful. My kind of colors. I have been doing some spindle spinning this summer to finish a fiber, I have been looking at for a couple of years. Promised myself, I would finish this soon. I get bored spindle spinning. Do you? If so, how do you deal with it? Seems like it goes so slow!

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