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Striped Colour Play.

I was sitting on the couch at work, in the corner, knitting away on these socks. On a whim after a conversation with my dear friend Katrina the night before, I had started them quickly. As I knit them up and listened to the chatter in the staff room, I couldn’t help but think that… Continue reading Striped Colour Play.

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Episode 36 :: Fall Clear Out SAL

Thank you for spending some time with me this week! I share a handspun knit in progress and finished, a finished skein of yarn and a spin-in-progress. There is also the monthly mug giveaway to announce, which is already in the mail and on it’s way! As well, fibre club has been mailed out –… Continue reading Episode 36 :: Fall Clear Out SAL

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A Restful Time.

In nursing, there is always a lot of discussion about ‘burnout’ and ‘caregiver fatigue’. Burnout can exist for many reasons and causes stress, anxiety and altered sleep patterns. In my career, I’ve experienced burnout once and it lead to a huge change, taking me out of the Emergency department and into a different level of… Continue reading A Restful Time.

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handspun still

From a small albeit quite comfortable chair in a laundry mat in Jasper, I can hear the many people around me doing the same thing on this dreary Wednesday morning. There’s a moisture in the air from the washing machines that never stop – it’s quite a busy place, I must say. This is one… Continue reading handspun still

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Episode 35 :: Socks

Thank you for joining me this week! I have a pair of handspun socks finished, as well as a fresh spin on my wheel. I also chat about a sweater that I started last week and have been blasting through! It’s quite a bit bigger than last week! To join the Ravelry group, head over… Continue reading Episode 35 :: Socks