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norah sparkles

Recently, Norah asked for some new sweaters to add to her ‘collection’ – she has a drawer full of hand knit sweaters from when James was a baby and I knit quite a few then for both kids to wear. Sadly, they are now too small but she continues to want them in her dresser… Continue reading norah sparkles


Episode 54: Flax, soft spun & carding colour

Thank you for joining me today. Thank you in particular to our Patreon subscribers who support the show week in and week out! I share with you about a trip my family took when I was about 17 years old to see friends up in Haida Gwaii and how weaving has unridden everything in my… Continue reading Episode 54: Flax, soft spun & carding colour

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playful stripes

Recently, we traveled on the ferry to see my family, who live on Vancouver Island. The night before, as I was packing to get ready to go, Norah asked for the first time ever to wear her handknit purple sweater I’d made her for Christmas 2015. The kids never wore their sweaters because I’d made… Continue reading playful stripes

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Episode 53: Mardi gras, tiny cardigan & more colour

Thank you for tuning in this week! I chat about my newest spin in progress from Kinfolk Yarn & Fibre, a teaser is shared about Wool n' Spinning Radio, a cardigan for Norah from some old handspun, and lastly, more chatter about the Colour Studies I'm working on. I hope you enjoy the show! For… Continue reading Episode 53: Mardi gras, tiny cardigan & more colour

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January Reveal: Sailor’s Delight

The final installment of fibre club is here! I want to start by thanking everyone who has been in the club, both past and present, and supported Wool n’ Spinning by doing so. Much of the work that I have been able to get off the ground here has been because of fibre club –… Continue reading January Reveal: Sailor’s Delight

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Episode 52: Elfenwolle, two-ply yarn & colour

Thank you for tuning this week! Are you participating in the CTA Spin the Bin 2017 this year? If so, let me know! Let’s support one another in a thread in our Ravelry group to get through our bins! Remember to submit your FOs for the Blast Off Along from December for a draw next… Continue reading Episode 52: Elfenwolle, two-ply yarn & colour

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“I wanna spin, Mamma.”

Over the holiday, we had many quiet days. Partially, this was due to our crazy weather this winter but mostly because we were sick. James has been asking more and more about my spinning wheels. In our bedroom, I keep quite a few of my wheels set up to be able to sit down and… Continue reading “I wanna spin, Mamma.”