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handwoven alpaca & silk shawl

After the semi-disaster I experienced after buying my loom, I found I had a wee bit of anxiety about starting another project. The table runner project turned out well, although dense, but it wasn’t a large enough confidence booster to get me to warp with a bunch of handspun immediately. Not that I think my… Continue reading handwoven alpaca & silk shawl

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Episode 60: Crepe, boucle & more

Welcome back to regular programming! Thank you for your kind words last week as I took a week to recover and rest – our family really needed it. I spent some time making some samples and playing around on my wheel, which I share today. All of my samples are from our Colour and Breed… Continue reading Episode 60: Crepe, boucle & more


june cashmere

First and foremost, there is a giveaway associated with this gorgeous yarn review that you can access to at the end of this post! Please click on the link and follow the instructions to be entered to win 3 skeins of June Cashmere Lace in any colour combination of your choosing – pretty awesome and… Continue reading june cashmere

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restored weaving fail

I mentioned recently that I had a weaving disaster. It was my second project on my loom. I have been really worried from the time I decided to get a loom till now about making a mistake for two reasons: [1] It is a lot of yarn to ‘waste’ and [2] It is a lot… Continue reading restored weaving fail


Episode 59: Calling in Sick | Giveaway Announcements

Thank you for tuning in but unfortunately, there isn't much of a show this week - I'm still incredibly sick and we've been up at night with sicker kids. Needing a rest this week, I think! I announce a couple of giveaways though with some instructions! Congratulations also to our Patreon subscriber who will receive… Continue reading Episode 59: Calling in Sick | Giveaway Announcements