Episode 91 Live: Spinning Ramie

Thank you for joining me today – thank you to those who took time out of their schedules to join us this afternoon. I really appreciate the time that each of you takes to watch the show live and of course, it’s lovely to see you all in the live chat! We had a great conversation today about ramie and dove down a bit of a rabbit hole. It was an enjoyable conversation and we talked about many different aspects of spinning ramie. Next, I shared a spin in progress than I was really hoping would be finished today but hopefully next time! Lastly, I share my knitting and am excited to be on the home stretch.

I don’t have project pages on Ravelry started for these projects today – but for more conversation, please head to the Ravelry group and in particular, the March Episode Thread to answer this month’s prompt!

Until next time,

Happy Spinning!


2 thoughts on “Episode 91 Live: Spinning Ramie

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I watched your youtube episode on “Ramie”. Wondering if you have plyed it yet? and if so, did it balance? Also, you mentioned you had taken a Bast spinning course from a teacher from Olds. Can you tell me who this is please.
    Thank you,

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