With Thanks & Gratitude

Dear Spinning Circle,

This has been a challenging year to say the least – many have experienced hardship and job loss, uncertain times, grief and loss, and much much more. While this year had many challenges, and we are not out of the woods yet so I am cautious to mention anything about ‘returning to normal’ because I think things will look different going forward, I am energized and excited for the new year. I am excited for the possibilities and opportunities. I am excited to see my friends, both fibre- and non-fibre, and to gather with my family once again. Probably not in the imminent future but eventually. The hope on the horizon is palpable.

I am so thankful for this community of makers!

This is an opportunity, as I look back at the previous year and think about the potential of the coming, to remain present in the moment right now. I am so thankful for the opportunities that this communtiy has offered me.

We have welcomed many into the community and connected with one another – regardless of their time zone or location in the world. We have spun many thousands of yards of yarn. We have knit an unbelievable number of garments and sweaters. We have shared grief and hardship. We have mourned the loss of loved ones. Finally, we have laughed together in Zoom calls and Virtual Spin Groups and Maker Mornings.

As a community, we spun & knit an inordinate amount this year!

I am beyond thankful for your patronage. For your commitment to spinning your best yarns. For your curiousity and continued spirit of exploration. I see the yarns you are making, the projects you are completing and the ones that are abandoned for all sorts of reasons. I hear your wonder as you reflect on your yarns in posts on Slack, Ravelry, Instagram, blogs and podcasts of your own.

Over the coming years, as things open up, I am excited to meet and greet some of you in-person – at festivals, workshops, travels, etc. There is a future but in the meantime, Thank you. From the bottom of my slightly sappy heart. This has been a tough year but we weathered a little better because we had our community of souls who love making yarn as much as we do. And we held each other up a little higher for it.

We will gather again – There is Future.

Happy New Year, Wool n’ Spinning Community – Keep Spinning!

And, if you are new to this place, welcome. We’d love to get to know you & help you spin your best yarns.

Warmly & with gratitude,

Rachel (@welfordpurls)

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