Monday Madness: Singles Yarn

Throughout 2021, I will be spending some time highlighting the content previously released here at Wool n’ Spinning. It is a slightly selfish endeavour to continue working towards cataloguing the site – here and Patreon. If you are new to this place, here in my small internet corner, you can look at the Index as a starting place. It’s overwhelming when you first see it but becomes easier over time (mostly from getting the hang of everything there). My thought is that throughout the year, I will publish these posts that focus on a single topic with all the links, in place. These posts will be linked in the Index (linked above) and then if you are interested in a certain topic — all the links will be in one place!

Edgewood Garden Studios Grey Masham; red-orange spun singles

Some of the links will be locked for certain Patreon tiers (which you chose when you sign up) but if you find you are looking for certain content in a particular tier all the time, that might be a good choice for you! Some content is freely accessible, though, and I have marked those posts with a * to indicate they are public links.

This week, I am covering all things Singles Yarns:

  • From the Community: Soft Spun Singles blog post here*
  • Calling all the Singles blog post here*
  • Spinning Soft Singles here*
  • Yarn Structure: Singles – Soft, Energized & Thick n’ Thin here (Thoughtful Spinner PDF)
  • VLOG: Yarn Structure: Singles – Soft, Energized & Thick n’ Thin here

* indicates public links – for all to view/read

I am surprised by how little time we’ve spent on spinning singles yarns because it is often one of the biggest questions I get: How to balance singles yarn? The big, surprising answer? You can’t balance them. They will always twist either to the left or right, more or less so depending on the amount of twist.

SweetGeorgia Yarns Polwarth + Silk in * now discontinued * Bourbon; spun as singles

PLY Magazine covered Singles in an entire issue (Vol 3, Issue 4 here). It is a big topic and endless for figuring out what the perfect singles yarn is for you – but the only way to figure that out to sample, sample, sample!

Consider sharing your samples with the community (via Slack – Patreon level – Spinning Circle – or Ravelry) and asking for help – they will give you endless suggestions and support!

Happy Spinning Singles yarns!!

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