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We went travelling down the Oregon Coast last week to get away from the city and to camp. Although my wrist is now quite sore (I should know better), I have a lot of knitting to share! Most of it is currently blocking on my new blocking boards and I will share my mods in upcoming posts. It was mostly stash-busting knitting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The drive from Pacific City, Oregon, to Portland to Seattle to Vancouver on Monday proved to complete a sweater, a mitten and finish 1.5 sleeves. Like I said – lots to share! Here are some photos of where we went:

<SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA>The beaches were mostly deserted by people but highly populated by birds! We also did something completely out of character and rented ATVs in North Bend to explore the sand duns and ended up at the beach:


We did no shopping while away but of course by ‘no shopping’ I mean that we did do a little! In Homespun Quilts in Astoria, Oregon, I found some fabulous fabric (I don’t know what I am so drawn to red right now but I am):


In Canon Beach, I think my most favourite things I have found for a while are these:



I’m sorry that the second photo isn’t as good – the owl button is incredibly small and I was using my point-and-shoot rather than the ‘good’ camara (oh so lazy). BUT, let me talk about the Little Owls pattern – it’s quilted by fusing and top stitching but I saw it and just about fell over. I just love this pattern by Barbara Brandeburg. Amazing. I can’t wait to make it – I think my husband thought I had officially gone crazy when he saw it but oh well! I have been quite owl crazy for a while and I thought these would be good additions to my little craft collection of owls.

As I wind down on my summer projects and knitting to get ready to go back to school, I hope everyone else is getting inspired by the changing colours of Fall and pulling out their needles. Happy Fall!

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