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I have been meaning to share this for a while but some of my steam to share it ran out when I realized I needed hubby to photograph me and he wasn’t around … then I honestly forgot! This will be my Toronto toque when we go to visit at Christmas time – that’s how warm it is! While I was modeling it, I had to take it off for a bit because I was starting to sweat – and it’s cold, rainy and icky outside – the perfect toque day! Ohhh Malabrigo, how I love your warmth.

So, the Sideways Grande Cloche by Laura Irwin is amazing. I love her style and sense of design. After I knit this I thought, This was challenging in the terms of the construction. Then, after reflecting on the results, I thought, No, this was a good skills project. I’ll explain. This would be a really good project for the new knitter who hasn’t done much in terms of seaming, decreases and construction. There’s just enough of those skills that you learn them but not enough that you get frustrated. And the beauty of it is that your seaming will be hidden behind the cloche and your decreases are on top of your head, so no one will see them! Perfect!

Sideways Grande - finished 2

My modifications included casting on 27 stitches as my gauge was quite different. I followed the pattern for the rest – I think I ended up with one less “twist” in the cloche, which I just noticed! I have not washed or blocked this – I’m not sure that I’m going to either. I have what’s called “Blocker’s Anxiety” about most of my projects I finish. This means that I worry about what the project is going to look like after I block it: Will it look the same? Will it stretch to some un-Godly size? Will I ruin it? etc. etc.

Sideways Grande - finished 3

I have decided that my answer with toques and blocking is: wear it, enjoy it, let it get wet (it’s bound too, we live in Vancouver for goodness sake!), just plain enjoy it, and don’t block it. I don’t know if this is right or not but it’s working for me so far! :)

I never mentioned the yarn (although I’m sure you’ve realized!): Malabrigo worsted in Frank Ochre. Lovely.

Anyways, props to Laura for a great pattern and I think I will knit it again in the same Malabrigo for my sister-in-law for her next birthday. It’s totally her style and would look great on her!

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  1. You DO realize that "Blocker's Anxiety" is remedied by swatching – then washing & blocking the swatch, then hanging it on a peg after drying to observe yarn behaviour, right? :)Lara

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