hooded. and adorable.

Finishing Kerrera (by Gudrun Johnston) was a bit of a marathon but well worth it! I heart this sweater although I was sweating through the photo shoot because it is so warm.

a IMG_7758

I started this on 5.5mm circs in size 36.5” bust but frogged and started over on 5.00mm circs in size 34.5” bust. I realized after washing and drying my swatch that the fabric would stretch quite a bit if I continued on the 5.5mm. I have to admit, it did stretch quite a bit as it is but in some ways, it’s appropriate since it’s more of a coat than a sweater.

a IMG_7784

In the end, my row gauge was still larger than the pattern, which led to significant changes in the yoke and armhole shaping. I had to re-calculate the armholes based on the pattern – which worked well because if I hadn’t changed anything, the sweater would have been enormous.

a IMG_7808

My row gauge was 4.5 rows per inch – the pattern is 6 rows per inch (just to give you an idea). That row and a half starts to really add up as you work the pattern which I learned making Audrey in Unst. The end result was 49 picked up stitches for each sleeve, so I didn’t do any decreases.

a IMG_7775

I also ran out of yarn for the long sleeves! The yarn I used is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Snickerdoodle. I love the colour – natural but not boring and no need to dye it. Since Knit Picks doesn’t seem to carry this particular colour anymore, I settled for the shorter sleeves but I actually like the shorter sleeves, especially since it doesn’t get that cold here in the winter and often we don’t need the heaviest sweaters – I think it worked out well.

a IMG_7820

The hood is slightly oversized since I didn’t make any changes based on the different gauge. I often wear toques in the winter and wanted to be able to fit the hood over top – I think it worked out well :)

a IMG_7833

Lastly, I added a fourth toggle button while I was weaving in the ends – I think it closes a little more nicely for me. I found them at Dressew in downtown Vancouver (I was also quite naughty and picked up some yarn but more about that later) and at 25 cents each, I am not complaining!

a IMG_7858

Overall, I am really happy with this sweater – it turned out very well. I am not completely happy with how the pockets sewed up – I really need to practice seaming. For my first pockets, though, I am pretty okay with them (washing and blocking helps a lot).

a IMG_7857

I am currently working on Manu – I am hoping to have it finished sometime this month. I have been working on it since March … I think it’s time it got some quality time and was finished! I hope you are finishing up projects that you are equally happy with!


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  1. This looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing your Manu as well. Both of these patterns are on my list!

  2. Love the hood! You look like you should be frolicking in the woods! And the short sleeves turned out super fun, I thought they were part of the pattern until you brought it up. It works. High five!

  3. Beautiful job on the sweater! It looks absolutely perfect for you!

  4. Found you on ravelry. I love the sweater. A good fall choice! Need to run to the store for yarn!! thanks for inspiration.

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