The yarn that I chose for my Larch Cardigan reminds me of softwood – soft colour, texture and loft. Larch is also a softwood so I am happy that I chose this yarn for it! I haven’t knit one of Amy Christoffers’ patterns before but I have already downloaded and swatched for White Pine. The Larch pattern was written extremely well – easy to follow, thorough and technical enough that the results appear professional. This is becoming more and more important to me as the finished object is something I want to be able to wear out and feel good in. Is this the same for you?

Back to the yarn. Remember at the beginning of the year I said that I was going to limit the number of sweaters I cast on this year? I suspect that is out the window as I now have about 5 that I am dying to knit. It is important to me that I keep the gauge (3mm to 5.5mm needles) in mind since that seems to be the root of a lot of my wrist issues. I found the yarn at Dressew back in November (for $1.99 since it is now discontinued) and was keeping it stored away until I found the perfect cardigan. I stumbled on Larch and knew it was game over: I swatched and cast on. The problem is the same it always is: The sleeves. I always leave them till last and by then I am usually a little burned out on the sweater.


I finished the yoke at work, which was a huge blessing since I wouldn’t have finished it otherwise. Unfortunately I have to go back and re-cast off. I don’t like how it looks and I think a sewn cast off will suit it better.


I added an inch to the body. The length of this sweater is perfect for me since I want to be able to wear it as an A-line sweater with a long shirt underneath. I modified the length of the yoke slightly since I know this yarn will stretch once washed (I love swatching – it means you know things like this!).


I have the buttons: wooden ones from my button stash which I am hoping gives me the motivation I need to finish the sleeves and move on to finishing Aidez. Cirilia’s cardigan is another knit I am loving and can’t wait to show you photos. I am not a blue person (I was actually thinking about that on my run this morning – I would actually chose red/orange over blue most of the time) but I was totally inspired by another one of my knitting inspirations: Kate’s Shale. Absolutely gorgeous.

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  1. Oh, it's looking very lovely. I agree, this design lends itself best to neutral/natural shades. It's one of the next ones in my queue.

  2. Thanks Katy – I think it definitely works best in neutral/naturals for sure! What yarn have you chosen?

  3. I was just looking at this yarn on little knits but it isn't 1.99! Thats a crazy good deal. I haven't come across this pattern yet, I'm liking it! When did you sneak cast on this?? :)

  4. I cast this on before we moved but it got lost in the moving mess of boxes! I am loving loving loving this pattern :) If you are still thinking about the yarn, I have to say, it's amazing.

  5. I love the neutral colour with this pattern as well! I'm with you on the sleeve burnout. I've had a nearly finished Estelle pullover on my desk for well over a month now…

  6. I actually haven't chosen! That's part of why I haven't cast on yet. I thought of using Ultra Alpaca Light (as suggested by the pattern)… but that'll be the third pattern in a row with Ultra Alpaca of one weight or another. Overkill?

  7. I absolutely love ultra alpaca, so I'm not a good person to ask! My favourite is the worsted Ultra Alpaca but I think the called for yarn in the pattern would be lovely. If I finish these sleeves, Laura, maybe that'll give you motivation to finish the Estelle sleeves! Good luck – can't wait to see it :)

  8. Ultra Alpaca is my fave too, so I wouldn't be surprised if I take the leap. It'd be pretty hard to get sick of it! Especially in different weights :)

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