We’re home.

Being away for the past 3 weeks was great – we visited with close friends and family, had some great weather (and some not so great weather), and generally were able to refresh. The best part of being away, though, is coming home – I was ready for my own bed, our dogs (they had to be boarded while we were in Toronto), and our own food (funny how those little things in our routines become our creature comforts).

Fortunately, I do have some goods to show for the past 3 weeks of relaxation-indulgence!


Solaris by the Berroco Design Team is finished and blocked but it will not be worn for quite some time – it’s way too warm! I agreed with other people’s comments that the collar seemed too wide for the sweater so I too narrowed it. I’m not a big person and all that extra bulk would have just added pounds to my 5’3” frame.


Here are my modifications based on a 4 stitches per inch gauge (in pattern stitch) in Cascade Eco+ 4010 Straw on 5.00mm needles.


General Modifications:

  • Worked the length of the sweater to 16” prior to washing and blocking (rather than the 13” suggested in the pattern).
  • No waist shaping in both back and front pieces.
  • Measurements: Lower Edge & Bust (Front pieces) = 10”, Back Yoke = 9”.

Back Piece:

  • Cast on the 87 stitches called for in the smallest size. When I reached the armhole shaping, I continued to cast off every RS row until the armholes measured 5.5” since I knew it would be too wide across the back otherwise.


Front Piece:

  • Cast on 49 stitches and worked until 16” prior to starting the armhole shaping.
  • Cast off 4 stitches at beginning of armhole shaping (44 stitches), then decreased every RS row 8 times (31 stitches).
  • Worked 8 armhole increases (rather than 5 called for) every RS row to finish armhole shaping (44 stitches).
  • Worked straight as pattern calls for (11”), then repeated above in reverse.


  • Cast on 32 stitches and increased a total of 10 times prior to cap shaping (58 stitches).
  • Knit sleeve cap 8” deep rather than the 4.5” called for in the pattern.
  • Shaping for sleeve cap was as follows: Bind off per pattern (first two rows of sleeves). Next row: K1, K2 tog, work in pattern to last 3 stitches, SSK, K1. Row 2: Work back in pattern. I repeated this 14 times for a total of 28 stitches decreased.
  • Cast off remaining 16 stitches across top of sleeve.


I hope all of this makes sense – please email me or comment if you have any questions!

While I am pleased with the finished product & I know this will get a ton of wear, I am most proud of the fact that this is my first completely seamed sweater (AND it was super easy!). I love the colour and fit … I think I will play with some belts to see what that looks like too.


I hope you are as happy with your projects this summer!

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  1. This is very cute! Love that skirt too.You are only 5'3"? I never would have known.

  2. haha Yeah, I'm not very tall at all :) The skirt is from H&M – part of the Fall 2011 collection so they have them now. Thanks!

  3. Glad you enjoyed your holiday! I can only image how hot you must have been modelling your new cardi! It looks great and I love the skirt as well. Such a fabulous colour!

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