garter baby coat. simple.

Stash busting again! But for Tiny this time. I had two hanks of Berroco Ultra Alpaca (colourway 6236 Chianti) in my stash that, if I were to have a girl, was to become the Tiered Coat from Lisa Chemery. But, as you know, we had a little boy in the form of Tiny Tuna:

garter baby coat with hood 4

So plans changed!

garter baby coat with hood

I loved Jenny’s (of jennystitches) Duffle Coat that she knit for her little one. Keeping the idea in the back of my mind, when I was rooting through my stash and saw this yarn, I thought, “Perfect!”

garter baby coat with hood 2

I just sort of improvised the pattern based on his measurements at about 2 months and added 4” to make it a 6 month size chest. Because he gets really hot, I made 3/4 length sleeves that I can put a long-sleeved onsie underneath if he needs it as the fall progresses.

garter baby coat with hood 5

The hood was picked up along the cast on edge and I just knit straight for 16”, then cast off. Folding the hood in half, I just seamed it up. Simple.

garter baby coat with hood 3

I was totally and completely stuck about the closure. I didn’t do any buttonholes while I was knitting, so I ended up using punch snaps. I LOVE how they turned out – I will definitely be doing this again.

I have never been a big fan of baby knits so in all my time knitting, favouriting and generally perusing Ravelry, I have very few baby sweaters picked out that I like/love/want to knit. So, a question for you, lovely readers: What is your favourite baby sweater? It doesn’t matter if you’ve actually knit it or not, I’m just curious about what’s out there! and I love hearing from you about what inspires you :)

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  1. ohhh a wee smasher! He looks fabulous in red.My favourite sweater that I knit T but is unisex is Lancelot. It looks sooo good on girl or boy and she wears it a lot. There will definitely be another Lancelot in the future for her when she grows out of this one.

  2. Thank you! I think he does too :) ooh I love that pattern & the one for T looked awesome – great idea!

  3. My two go-to patterns for babies are Wraplan and Sock Yarn Sweater. Mindless and you can use up those random sock skeins.

  4. There are a ton of sock yarn baby sweaters – I didn't realize there were so many!

  5. I've made a few baby sweaters in my day and my favourites are pretty simple. All-time fav is the Gramps Sweater by TinCanKnits – tiny shawl collar and little pockets and elbow-patches, squee! For something simple, I really like the way the Debbie Bliss Raglan Cardigan comes out.Interestingly, a lot of my favourite baby patterns are minature versions of sweaters you've already knitted! I like the Kerrera for Kids, Tiny Tea Leaves and Mini Manu (though in truth it's actually a very similar sweater I have fav'd… I have an ideological disagreement with Kate D. so don't feel too jazzed on her patterns in particular).

  6. Oh, and I'm obsessed with the Drops "McDreamy" baby sweater…

  7. Those are all great patterns – thanks for the ideas! I had completely forgotten about Tiny Tea Leaves – I have some great blue yarn in my stash that would knit up beautifully for him in this pattern. And of course, the Gramps Cardi is one of my absolute favourites!

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