mishaps happen.

Thanks for joining me again in a quick update on what’s happening in my knitting world! I hope you enjoy the videocast again – it’s a great way for me to stay connected! – and thank you for all of the positive feedback from last week.

Links to what I talked about this evening:

And onto the Cosy{me} talk:


Lastly, I mentioned my Shapely Boyfriend.

Any knitting mishaps this week? Anything you are particularly excited about? I’d love to hear about them!

Happy Knitting & have a great week :)

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  1. Oh no!!! Sorry to hear about the mold on your sweaters! That would be heartbreaking! Years ago we had a minor moth problem in our old apartment (thankfully we were able to eradicate them before we moved and didn’t bring them with us), and I lost a couple of my favourite handknits to massive moth damage.

    Also sorry to hear about having to rip back the sweater for your dad. That’s a lot of cabling to have to undo. :( At least you’ll have a gorgeous sweater for yourself in the end! I’m thinking of making one in that pattern for me. Just picked up the yarn to make on for Jack (dark grey heathered Cascade 220).

    I’m totally going to steal your genius idea to put some garter at the bottom of the button band! I’ve given up on the idea of a knitted-on button band for the Cozy (me). I think the style is likely better suited for the button band in the pattern. I still have to do some button shopping!

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