I almost didn’t get a post out this morning so thank you so much for joining me again! It was my birthday on Saturday, the 14th (also World Wide Knit in Public Day/Week!) so we headed out of the city but …

Here are the links to the things I talked about:

Father's Day 2014

What are you working on?

What are you thinking about for summer knitting? This is the link for the SweetGeorgia Yarn’s SAL and KAL Sock Event this summer. 

What do you do with old handknits? Donate them? Gift them? Rip them? I’m dying to know! Let me know in the comments!

Happy knitting and spinning :)

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  1. Chelsea says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching your videos and I’m impressed with how much knitting your getting done with 2 littles. I have two under 3 at home with me now and I’m finding myself much more able to fit knitting in this time round then when I just had my first. I’m knitting Harvest this summer as well as socks for my step dad.

    I either frog my old items or re gift depending on the item and if I know someone would love it or not.

    1. Do you think we are just more efficient with our time with the 2nd?! That’s what I’m thinking … Or we are more used to sleep deprivation!! I love Harvest – I hope you are enjoying it :)
      I’m thinking about ripping three of them and gifting two … Thanks!

  2. I gift all of them, there’s one friend or another who loves getting a hand-me-down knit from me. If I notice that I do not wear a finished knit, I almost immediately gift it away. I only own four knitted sweaters at the moment (two new ones are in the works).

    1. Wow that’s fantastic … Minimises the clutter as well! I am gifting two of them for sure :)

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