all about spinning.

Happy Canada Day! I hope you are all celebrating with your family & friends — and to everyone else, Happy Tuesday :)

Today I talk all about my spinning! Oh, and a little knitting. My first “art” yarn, lessons in twist, and a successful spin! A book review and more.

No show notes – there are captions in the post so I hope you are able to find everything that you are interested in that I talked about. If not, pleases leave a comment about what you are looking for and I will link to it for you!

aviatrix pilot toque

Aviatrix Hat by Justine Turner – Malabrigo Rios in colour 139 Pocion

What is inspiring you right now? Where do you find your inspiration?

Happy Spinning :)

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  1. I love the axiatrix hat. I have attempted it twice with no success. Now that I have more hand spun yarn than I know what to do with it, I should give it a third try.

    1. It’s funny because it was one of those knits thati thought was super complicated & once I got going (after restarting a few times), it was ok. And it looks awesome in handspun – the projects on Ravelry are beautiful! Good luck!

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