tour de fleece. finale.

I wanted to share with you my final projects for Tour de Fleece. While I am sad that it is over, I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s projects on Instagram and Ravelry.

Rather than write and edit a post containing everything I finished, as well as started, I thought I would record a video post again! I hope you enjoy my ramblings :)


Here are the links that I spoke about in the video:


If I missed anything, please leave a note in the comments! I hope you had a great and productive Tour de Fleece – please share what you worked on!

Happy Spinning :)

ps. Charlie completely destroyed the skein of handspun Jacob as I noted in the video but I was able to salvage it after some patient untangling:

jacob salvaged from Charlie

In the end, 95gm and ~192yrds. Pretty good considering he absolutely destroyed it. Note to self: Do not leave handspun that smells like yummy sheep to dry in the sun when there is a slight breeze and a very motivated dog. It doesn’t end well.

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