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Of the entire calendar year, I have a few months that are my favourite. August and September are two of them (June is my other favourite month). I love the autumnal changes that are so insidious that one day you wake up and think, “Wow. It’s Fall. How did that happen?!” It is also prime camping season for us!

campside 2

When I saw Alicia Plummer’s new free (!!) design, Campside, I messaged her immediately on Ravelry to see if she would let me test knit. I was so excited to both stash dive (I was picturing my version in a quiet neutral) and cast on. In the midst of thoroughly enjoying the simplicity of this design, my wrist “injury” happened which slowed me down significantly. I powered through, it is finished now and it is as lovely as I thought it would be!

campside complete

Pattern: Campside by Alicia Plummer

Yarn: Rowan Sheep Breeds DK [discontinued], 4 balls, in colour Ivy

Needles: 4.5mm

The pattern is beautifully written, as are all of Alicia’s patterns that I have had the pleasure to knit. She gives charts for each ‘side’ of the shawl so for the beginning or novice lace knitter, you don’t have to work out how to mirror your stitches or patterning. For the center stitch, she recommends using stitch markers but I actually only used one to flag me on the WS of the shawl when I was working back. I tend to fly past the center stitch otherwise! I’m not a big fan of stitch markers so it was all I needed. Before you ask why, it is because they get in my way, fall off my needles and I lose them all the time!

campside hero

There are some small details that Alicia included in this pattern that I just love:

  • The ribbed border is a perfect finish to a simple and elegant design,
  • In the ribbed border, the way the increases in the rib are done leave lovely triangles (for lack of a better way to describe them!) that don’t fight with the rib but didn’t force the knitter (me!) to increase in rib, and
  • The centre stitch is a lovely detail which becomes ‘embossed’ by the increases on either side which I love the appearance of over YO increases.


The yarn, while discontinued and a crying shame, is wonderful for a pattern like this as there is wonderful stitch definition. I still have a few balls of it in my stash as well as a sweater’s quantity of another colour. I’m not sure what I will do with it but I am saving it for something special.

 campside 3

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy knitting your Campside as much as I enjoyed mine!

Lovely pattern, Alicia – thank you for the opportunity to test once again :)

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  1. Your Campside shawl is lovely and I appreciate the photos you shared. Thank you!

    I’m just casting on, and being an experienced knitter, I’m a little embarrassed at the trouble I’m having with the initial cast on before the set up rows. After the 20 rows of garter stitch and then K2, when turning the work 90 degrees, I am guessing that the 5 stitches to be picked up and knit should be spaced out over the 20 sts, followed by another 90 degrees turn to pick up/knit the 2 cast on sts. I just gave that a whirl, continuing with several repeats of the set up rows 1 & 2. I see center spine forming, it’s just the left edging when looking at the RS that appears slightly wonky… wonkiness that’s might disappear upon blocking. I’m going to rippit out and try again. I’m loveleighknitz on Ravelry. Seeing how nicely your cast on edge looks, I’d be grateful for some help if you have time.

    With thanks for your consideration! B.

  2. I don’t really understand the ribbing part, how and when am I supposed to work that?

    1. Do you have the pattern? The ribbing is started after the final chart.

      1. Hi
        I am on Chart C and following the written instructions. Everything looks great to me and l have a triangle that l have worked bottom up with the point of the triangle at the bottom. It seems to me that if l start the ribbing after Chart D l onky get ribbing along the longest side of the triangle. This will look nothing like the picture so now l am wondering if l did it all wrong.

  3. I’m stuck and hoping for help!
    On eyelet 1 & 2, row 11, it doesn’t say to do any repeats, but then the number of stitches doesn’t add up. The way i read the pattern, it says there are 20 stitches, but i have 30 or more (per panel). I’m sure i’m reading the pattern wrong… any tips?

  4. Pippa Morei says:

    I love this pattern. I was wondering about if you have or know where I can find the video tutorial for knitting it? Thank you

    1. rachel Author says:

      Thanks Pippa! Unfortunately, I don’t but there are tutorials for top-down sweaters on YouTube!

  5. Hi, I really want to knit this shawl but my brain hurts! Given it is a triangular shawl, surely the “Pattern begins” bit is the point of the shawl at the back? I really can’t visualise how the shawl works, and like,others can’t see how the rib works? where does one start the ribbed edging? If it is started after the final chart, that means it is along the longest edge and wouldn’t look anything like the photos?Trying to work out why there is a “Increase section” as it appears you should be working the pattern after the set up row? and then of course the Increase section takes you up to 53 stitches (with pattern?) but then the next bit of the pattern goes onto the “main lace section”??????? Perhaps I’ll have to look for a different shawl pattern?

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