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In keeping with this new theme of mine, which seems to be handspun central … everything fibre and spinning … I thought I would share with you my new project. I am hoping to finish this one during Spinzilla. Are you participating in Spinzilla?! I sure hope so!

This started with Instagram. Someone had favourited ewe and me yarns’ Cola Classic Stellar Top. I saw it and thought, “Hmmm, I really like that.”

fibre - ewe and me

It came up again … and again … and then again. I thought on the third time that maybe I should go look in their shop. It was empty of any Stellar – and rightly so! The stuff is beautiful! What to do?! I decided to PM Ali on Etsy, who returned my message within mere moments. She was professional and friendly, mailed out the 2 braids that I custom ordered as quickly as she could and I was not disappointed.

cola classic 3

cola classic 5

Fibre: Stellar base (merino/mulberry silk/stellina)

Colourway: Cola Classic

Technical specs: 2oz, 232yrds

Yarn: Sport, 14WPI

cola classic 10

This initial amount was a test spin. I decided to break the initial braid in half, spin it as a traditional 2-ply and decide from there what to do. In my heart of hearts, I was hoping I would like it so much and obtain enough yardage from this initial ‘test’ skein that I would be able to spin the rest to knit a sweater. I am not disappointed! But what sweater you ask? How will I ever have enough yardage for an entire sweater you ask?

cola classic 2

cola classic 6

I have a couple of options given that roughly my yardage will be 800 after spinning the remaining 6oz.

cola classic 7

Here’s the list of contenders that I am seriously considering (I know there are many out there):

Are you seeing a pattern here?! Open with a bit of lace work?!

cola classic

      cola classic 8

This is one of the reasons I love spinning: While I traditionally walked into a yarn shop looking for a yarn to fit a pattern, now I make a yarn and find patterns that work with it. In some ways it is very liberating but in other ways, requires much more thought and attention to what I am choosing for both patterns and roving/top. It is an interesting tension and one I am excited to explore further in the future!

What are your plans for Spinzilla? Any favourite sweater/cardigan patterns at the moment?

Happy spinning and knitting :)

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  1. Looks AH-MAY-ZING!!!! I can’t wait to see which sweater you choose and how it knits up. Seriously, my heart is beating faster at the thought!! :D

    1. Haha thank you! Yeah I’m spinning some more right now and dreaming about fancy sweaters … ;) life is good!

  2. Love the sparkle 😃

    1. Thank you!

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