the Canadian rockies.

One of our most favourite places to travel to – and full disclosure: we go as often as we can – is the Canadian Rockies. They are magnificent. In all honesty, we would love to be able to live in Jasper, Alberta, but the reality of that is not doable. We took our little trailer and our entourage of hangers-on (ie. the kids and dogs!), and hit the road for two weeks. Now that we’ve been home for a week, I had a chance to look through our very limited photos from this trip. It was busier than any other trip we’ve done because of the new element which is two kids under two! But what fun we had.

Our trip started out on the right foot:


These were taken just outside Merrit, British Columbia, where we camped with my family for a couple of nights before heading on:

 IMG_20140907_151259 IMG_20140917_203207

There was much hiking and of course, wearing of knitted socks! Not to mention knitted toques (check N on my back wearing hers! I know it’s hard to see).



J now has a good story to tell about a Bull Elk that came upon us in Jasper – he was very scared so just sat right down and waited for us to do something (which involved M scooping him up and moving quickly away through some other camper’s site!). They are quite amazing at this time of year with their antlers:

IMG_20140912_152603 IMG_20140914_150938

And of course, there were the steadfast and ancient mountains:






We had a wonderful trip. It only rained on the last night when we were within a moderate driving distance of home (~4.5hours) and came home feeling refreshed. Although we had snow in Banff, Alberta, we had the opportunity to visit with our dear friend and the kids’ godmother, so it was well worth the cold!

I hope you had a chance to adventure somewhere this summer that you love …

Happy Exploring :)

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  1. SO beautiful! we are (fingers crossed) trying to plan a trip to Banff in the next couple of years. it’s just so gorgeous! and how fun that you got to do it in a road trip :)

    1. Yeah it’s one of our favourite places! It’s only 9-10hrs from us driving so is very comfortable to do :)

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