fibre friday.

I thought I would post for #fiberfriday since I haven’t been completing anything lately and it’s really fun to see what other people have planned for the weekend!

What are your plans for the weekend when it comes to fibre?!

Firstly, I’m planning on attending the Langley Weavers and Spinners Artisan Sale with my mom. I’m a member of the guild but wasn’t able to contribute or volunteer this year due to the stress and strain of little children.

I’m hoping to be able to volunteer and also have some finished items juried so that I can sell them in next year’s show!

Second, the October 2014 fibre club through Sweet Georgia Yarns was a luxury blend: 50/50 Merino Silk. It is called ‘Fall Bouquet’ which is very fitting for these gorgeous purples, oranges, leaf green and deep brown-purple. Once spun, it is very orange. Like very orange. I am keeping this as a singles yarn and I am thinking very seriously about selling it once I am finished. It is a dreeeeeam to spin but I will never knit with it – the orange is too overpowering and no one in my family can wear orange. I can’t wait to see it knit into a beautiful shawl by someone else!

Here is the sample I spun the other night and I am in the process of spinning the second 2 ounces.

IMG_20141107_081243 (2)

Last, I am ripping out my Fading Lines cardigan’s collar. I know. I was waffling the other night but I pulled out my needles and put it on my dress form … and … it’s not going to work in a million ka-jillion years. I realized this afternoon while James was playing in front of me that I would never love the contrast of the two yarns.


Sometimes one can match commercial yarn to handspun really well … and sometimes one can’t no matter how hard one tries. This is one of those situations. The rust-coral of the Jamieson’s is too jarring to work with the muted and slightly greyed-out handspun. It’s disappointing but it’s also a part of the reality of our craft: Not everything always works out! I tried and I will use the yarn for something else that is equally lovely!

IMG_20141107_185612 (2)

Sorry for the poor dress form evening photos – I know I’m usually more on top of my photography but tonight … this is all I can manage! I switched this last one to black and white so you can focus on the sweater itself rather than the yarn choices. Once this is blocked, it is going to be gorgeous! I love the effect of the feather and fan.

IMG_20141107_185631 (2)

It’s really pretty. I am looking forward to finishing this … just in a different yarn and colour choice. I think I am going to use some of my stashed Jamieson’s and add in some of the body colour to blend it nicely. We shall see!

Happy #fiberfriday :)

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  1. I’m so behind on blog reading! So sorry this one wasn’t working. I really liked the effect, but pics are always different than the real thing, and most importantly, you want something you will love and wear and it doesn’t matter how much someone else likes it in the end (can you tell I’ve been given a hard time about this in the past? LOL!). Also, now I’m pretty sure I have to make this cardigan!!

    1. Oh man – I hear you! If you don’t love it, it just sits in the closet regardless of whether you spent a lot of time on it or not (I’ve been given a heard time too ;) haha). It’s an awesome pattern – I did add more aggressive waist shaping though :)

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