WIPs Wednesday.

Hiya. How was your weekend? What are you working on this week?

I ended up having a fibre filled weekend, just as I had hoped because at the Langley Weavers & Spinners’ Artisans Sale, I was able to stock up on some local fibre that I absolutley love. Lynn dyes awesome stuff and I bought three braids: 2 BFL and 1 BFL/Silk. Gorgeous. I dove into spinning the pink-red one right away because I bought it to be handspun and listed in my {new!} Etsy shop. It’s been a dream to spin thus far.


The second thing I’m working on is the first of three bobbins for a traditional 3-ply out of another local dyer, The Wacky Windmill. I am a huge fan of Kim’s fibre and colours. She treats her fibre really well in the dying process, too, so it’s not ‘beaten’ up at all. This means it’s a dream to spin! It is a combination of 65% Polwarth, 25% Mohair & 10% Silk in the “Spice Cabinet” colourway. I have no idea what it’s going to be but I have two 4 ounce braids so I’m hoping a large-ish shawl.

Lastly, because Fading Lines isn’t going as well as I had hoped – I’m still in love with the pattern but not the combination of handspun with commercial yarn – I decided to cast on a Christmas Shawl for myself. Originally, I had planned to use this yarn for another Abalone but after finishing it, I decided a lovely shawl would be better. I’ll definitely use it more! The yarn is my own handspun from Ewe and Me Yarns in Texas on her Merino, Mulberry Silk & Angelina base called Stellar. The colourway is Cola Classic and I had a total of 8oz. It’s gorgeous. I am so excited about this shawl!I chose Asunder from Lisa Mutch of Northboundknitting. It’s a heavily garter stitch shawl with contrasting open lacework sections that I am instead going to keep in the same colourway. It’s large and oversized and I love it! I am only on the initial garter section but it is actually coming along quite quickly.

IMG_20141112_123909 (2)

Both kids are currently ‘napping’ – James is playing quietly with his trains in his room for some quiet time. We went on a huge walk this morning to a friend’s house who lives about 6 minutes driving from us but about 35 minutes walking distance. Oh and with a mother-of-all hill on the way home. He walked the entire way! It took us about an hour each way but it was so good to be out in the sunshine – and therefore, I’m hoping he gives in this afternoon and sleeps. He also walked through every pile of leaves he could find!

Happy Hump Day :)

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