This weekend will be fibre filled because I am taking a spinning workshop to begin honing some skills for Sheep-to-Shawl. Our guild will be participating in a competition in the Spring but I’ll be heading back to work right at this time. I’m looking forward to learning some ways to spin slightly faster and even more consistently though! I think I am at the stage with my spinning where whatever I can pick up and learn is advantageous. The more information I can ‘collect’ then the more I can continue to develop and fine-tune my spinning. And, of course, there’s just that good old-fashioned thing called Practice.

Besides the workshop, I am looking forward to finishing these:

IMG_20141114_102627 (2)

Pattern: [FREE] Nola’s Slipper Pattern {ravelry link here}

Yarn: Cascade Ecological in Natural & Dark Brown

Needles: 6.00mm

So these are super fun. I’ve never knit slippers before … not sure why since I’ve stalked many slipper patterns.

Per the pattern, I held the yarn double which made these chunky weight so I increased the needle size to 6.00mm rather than 5.5mm. My row gauge was different so I made some changes … some major changes. And I knit the entire slipper in the round rather than seaming at the end. I also did a center double decrease (CDD) along the bottom sole to ‘bind off’ rather than seaming or doing a 3-needle bind-off. My notes are chicken scratch at this time but they are here.

Lastly, I am truckin’ away on my Asunder shawl. I don’t think I’ll finish it this weekend but I am hoping to put a major dent in it! I am into the latter half of the shawl so it’s mostly the open lacework now. The fun part ;)

Wishing you a fibre-filled weekend! Happy knitting & spinning :)

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