WIPs Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I don’t have anything particularly interesting to show for myself this week for Work In Progress Wednesday. I seem to be at a standstill with Fading Lines, continuing to knit the never-ending fluormania socks (pictured below) and spinning on a few different projects, none of which are in any state to share since I am still working on the first or second bobbin of three for each of them (all will be traditional three-ply yarns)!

IMG_6901 (2)

BUT, one of my favourite times during the week now is the quiet in the morning that J and I share together while N is still asleep. Usually for about an hour I can count on time to knit (although constantly interrupted) and enjoy my coffee (somehow it always gets cold) while J plays trains.

It is his most favourite thing to do and has become something I struggle with a little bit. I’m am by no means an expert in Toddlers. That’s right: capital T. In my short-lived experience with them, I have concluded that what They say is true: Toddlers are wilful, moody, stubborn and find it difficult to share. “Mine!” comes to mind when I think of J and his developmental stage right at this moment – I’m sure some of you can relate!

 IMG_6898 (2)

They are also authentic, genuine, loving, kind and have a wonderful sense of humour. In a word? They are really terrific.

Since N has become more active and interested in J’s toys, we have had some difficulty with boundaries. What is ‘his’ versus what is ‘ours’ has been a very real conversation in our household these past weeks. What does he have to learn to share with N? But what is actually ‘his’? I’m sure there are experts out there on this topic, as well I’m sure we each have our own opinions and ideas on the subject! For me, I have found that allowing J ‘ownership’ of his trains, which means helping him to understand that he has ‘safe’ places to play with his trains so that he doesn’t have to always share with N, has helped immensely in creating a harmonious house.

 IMG_6894 (2) IMG_6899 (2)

Afterall, the newest member of the family can’t have all of his things! He needs to feel that he has special things that are just his as well :) Choo choo!

How do you navigate sharing and other toddler issues in your home? What has worked for you when introducing a sibling or multiple siblings? How’s your knitting going?

Happy hump day :)

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  1. I don’t look forward to navigating the mine and ours debates in our future. I have no idea the best way to go about this. I have a little brother, and I remember that we were always saving or giving things to him – which lasted for a ….well, it’s still going on at my parents’ house. I don’t begrudge my brother for any of it, since really, it wasn’t him, but even today, dh will say to me ‘you know you can have/use it, we’re not saving it for M’. Haha! Parenting! The world’s biggest challenge! I feel like a have a slightly better understanding of my parents, and no idea what to do with my kids to make it so much better. :)

    1. It was the same in my house! I definitely think it’s important to talk to our kids about this stuff … Kids understand a lot more than parents think! That’s part of the discomfort of having kids … We challenge the things our parents did because we want to do better and so the cycle continues!!!

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