those days.

You know those days that you have once in a while? You know the ones. The ones where nothing seems to go properly or how you planned? The kids won’t sleep? The dogs get the floors muddy and wet after you cleaned their paws? The computer won’t work. The photo editing software is on the fritz. And nothing seems to be working? You know those days. Where nothing seems to go right?

slippers (2)

We are having one of those days. But I have comfy, warm mismatching new slippers to keep me warm!

slippers 4 (2)

Pattern: Nola’s Slippers by Nola Miller {free here}

Yarn: Cascade Ecological and Lana Grande in Cream and Dark Brown {more on that below}

Needles: 6.00mm 40” circulars {again, see below}


As you can see, the cream of the two slippers is different. I ran out of Ecological after the first slipper. I was stash diving and playing major yarn chicken. I lost horribly. I had held the Ecological double for super thick, squishy slippers. The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn held double. Since Ecological is a light Aran weight, I figured it would give me the warmth/squish factor I was looking for. I was able to match the Lana Grande pretty closely since my LYS was out of the Ecological and I just wanted to get these finished. They are for me, won’t see the light of day outside our home and trailer (when camping) so really? Who cares :)

slippers 3 (2)

So I made some huge modifications to these in terms of construction … Like major. I will try m best to explain but if you are confused, please email me: rachel [at] welfordpurls [dot] com as I will be more than happy to further explain.


This is what I did:

Cast on 38 stitches, knit cuff in round to 6”.

Knit 13, knit across tongue – 12 stitches, 13 ridges.

K1,ssk, k to end, k2tog, k1 until 6 stitches remain. 3 decrease rows. Change beginning of round to right front toe. Tongue complete.

Pick up 16 stitches each side of tongue for foot, placing leg stitches back on needles as come to them (I had them hanging on the back of my 40” circular cable while I worked the tongue stitches).

Knit garter in the round for 6 rounds (3 ridges).

Changed colours for sole at right front toe. Slip stitch on left needle to right needle to change beginning of row spot. 3 center stitches across front toe box. Knit one round even in dark brown.

Next round, purling for garter stitch in the round: purl 3, p2tog, knit to center back heel, p2tog, purl 4, p2tog, purl to last 2 stitches of round, p2tog.

Continue per pattern for 4 decrease rows (4 ridges in contrasting colour).

Centre double decrease down sole of foot to bind off. Creates a braid {pictured below}:

 IMG_20141130_103117 IMG_20141130_103139

Weave in ends. Wear with a smile on your face!

I am not opposed to seaming in the slightest! I just couldn’t be bothered to seam these when I knew I could knit them in the round, picking up stitches as I went. Magic looping and allowing stitches to hang off while working other areas worked like a hot damn!

Happy knitting :)

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  1. Natalie B says:

    I’m not sure if you’re being honest and lucky or misleading the public, but with two young ones, I have those days all the time! As a matter of fact, that type of day has become my everyday reality! For the most part I roll with it, but lately it’s been building up. Hoping for some relief over the holidays and hopefully also a chance to knit! Cheers! Cute slippers btw!

    1. Yes, I hear you! We seem to be on a roll lately with difficult days. And then we have really awesome ones. The roller coaster that is life with young kids, me thinks?!

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