silent night. holy night.

Advent and the month of December tend to be a time of quiet reflection for me. I like to look back on the year that is ending and dream about the year that is just about to begin. The days are dark, evenings come quickly and mornings are melancholy.

IMG_7011 (2)

Mini Christmas Stocking Ornament (one day I’ll have 24 more of these for an Advent Calendar but not this year – my plan is to put little phrases in them to read every day throughout the Christmas season with a few chocolates for the kids … one day)

I usually like to have a plan for the coming year but as 2015 approaches, I am embracing the unknown. Keeping my crafting simple seems to be on continuous playback in my head. I can see that as the kids get older and more influences from the outside world affect us that my crafting will continue to be a place of solitude, reflection and enjoyment. It fills me back up when my well is dry and empty.

What does that mean for this little space here on the internet? or my Etsy shop? or my participation in social media (where I keep up with most of my knitting & spinning friends!)? I am honestly not sure so I think I will do what feels right as the New Year unfolds.

What I am sure of is that I have two little people who are both a pleasure to be with day in and day out, who laugh and try new things (even if they aren’t so sure about it in the moment) but require most (if not all) of my resources every day, week, month. And the little bit that is left of my resources goes to my husband and myself (crafting! reading! starring at the wall & doing nothing!). I am also sure that this restful time of year creates a lot of space for wonderful memories and lovely projects so before I go silent until the New Year, I thought I would share some of our December shenanigans thus far ::

Norah has been ‘helping’ me to spin up some Smith & Ewe’s Superwash Merino (colourway Sunrise) that was in my stash. I blended it on my blending board with some Angelina (colourway Raspberry Sparkle). It is a 2-ply and will eventually be a shawl for her. I’m thinking one of the Curls patterns that were just released, namely Filemot. //


The unwashed first skein of 200 yards ::

image (2)

James, aka ‘the Chef’, has been “coo-coo” (Translation: Cooking). His meals of choice to make is “paw-paw” (translation: Popcorn) and “ka-ka” (translation: Cookies). It makes a huge mess but he’s glowing the entire time! //


A friend of mine has been taking her son to Parent & Tot skating (strollers go right out onto the ice!). He’s the exact same age as James within a couple of weeks so I thought “Why the heck not?! He has to get onto skates sometime!” This was James’ very first time. It felt really good to get back on skates myself & we are going to get him a pair for Christmas. There are 6 rinks within about 20 minutes of our house (yup, welcome to Canada!) so there are many Public Skates that we can start taking him to to give him lots of exposure! Next, snowboarding! //



Finally, I am looking forward to #castingonallthethings once I finish a few commission knits this weekend. I am going to cast on a pair of holiday-ish socks in BFL Sock (colourway is Tavern) and Melissa Thomson’s Sunlit Shawl in her Sweet Merino Lite (colourways Paper Birch & Hippolyta). //

IMG_20141210_080319  IMG_20141210_075551

Finally, we have celebrated a dear friend of mine’s daughter’s birthday which was hosted at a gymnasium (those two were on that trampoline for a loooong time), rode the Bright Nights in Stanley Park train (a family tradition 2 years running) and had generally tired children on our hands. //


To say I am feeling blessed this Christmas season is an understatement.

Many warm holiday wishes to you & your family this winter season.

I hope you are holding your knitting close and your loved ones closer.

See you in the New Year!

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