my lovely dog.

We had sort of an unexpected week over here. It started last weekend with a visit to vet and a discussion surrounding a cyst that my dog has had near her Adam’s Apple for a long time. It was biopsied in 2012 and we’ve been watching it ever since. It started to change in December so I got on the horn and called the vet. I wasn’t super concerned although I did figure it would have to be removed. Unfortunately, it came back cancerous and we agreed it and surrounding tissue would need to be removed asap.


She had her surgery on Friday. She is doing really well and while she is quieter than her usual self, she is happy and greets everyone with her normal exuberance. Although Charlotte is only 7 years old, sometimes she seems older. She sleeps on her bed next to my side of the bed. This has worked out really well because now I can keep an eye on her – she has started scratching the site since of course it’s itchy now with the sutures healing.


Charlie is in the background – he doesn’t really know what to think about all of this. He keeps smelling her surgical site (a drain remains although the dressing is off now) and has been keeping a ‘safe’ distance.

Needless to say, this completely derailed my plans to share some fibre-y goodness with you this week but family is more important than crafting (although it is what keeps us sane, yes?!) so Charlotte has been my priority! Hopefully we will get a clean bill of health a week today although we know there is another cyst behind this one that we are awaiting biopsy results for – fingers crossed it’s not more cancer.

To our furry friends who we love so much :)

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  1. BIG hugs for you and Charlotte and best wishes for a speedy recovery x

    1. Thank you!

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