summing up January.

We are in February (what?!), which means it is almost time for my monthly videocast to air. I’ve decided that the second weekend of every month is best as I can put together what I want to talk about on the first weekend of the month, and record and upload on the second weekend. I am even looking into publishing the show in iTunes and YouTube (again, what?!) to help you choose the most effective format for your needs to watch.  Changes, changes. That seems to be my mantra these past many months – The only constant in life is change.

I’m actually looking forward to February – again, we have many changes happening here in our family that I will share in time (no, I’m not pregnant) – and some of these changes will happen this month.

How does all of this relate to knitting and spinning? Well, let me share!


January was a month of reflecting for me: On the type of projects I want to knit, the direction I would like my spinning to take and efforts to decrease the size of my stash in 2015. It was a new start after two incredibly difficult years.

What better way to start the year then to spin something completely frivolous from my stash? I say frivolous because I bought this without a plan in mind (something I have promised myself I am not going to do anymore so with that comes cancelling all of my fibre clubs). That said, I bought this because I absolutely love this colourway from Sweet Georgia Yarns. It might actually be my favourite, which makes no sense at all since I hate hot pink and lime green. I don’t know what has gotten into me.


Fibre: Sweet Georgia YarnsSuperwash BFL in Hummingbird

Finished Yarn: 250 metres, Navajo-plied, 16WPI (light fingering)

Spinning Specs: 12:1 whorl ratio, singles Z/plied S twist


I spun this for sock yarn because I am hoping to move towards more utility in my crafting, which I will elaborate on in a future post. I have quite small feet so I know I have enough yardage for a slightly thicker pair of hiking socks. I’ll knit them on 2.75mm needles, which is not my normal for socks (I usually like 2.25mm for socks). As well, you will notice this is superwash. I bought this before I started having trouble with some superwash and rashes on my hands. I had no problems spinning this so I’m hoping knitting with it will be okay. I had trouble knitting with my Regia Fluormania socks but I’ve since had so problems wearing them. I’m wondering if once I wash stuff that whatever is bothering me washes off and is okay after that. Time will tell, I guess.


Anyhow, to spin two skeins for socks that would be as similar as possible, I folded the braid in half end-to-end and found the colour repeat. I matched this up and pulled it apart for two equal lengths then proceeded to make pencil rovings (~15 per length of fibre – see the above photo).


The result was exactly 120m and 130m in each skein ready to go to be able to knit two socks at the same time! This saves having to figure out where in one big skein of handspun yarn to start to create two similar-ish socks!


I was quite worried I would end up with a lot of marling or barber-poling due to the bright colours and constant colour changes but actually, it worked out quite well to add mostly just interest to the yarn. I absolutely love the results and can’t wait to cast on. This was quite possibly the fastest spin I’ve done in a while, next to the long wool I spun earlier this month.

How was your January? Are you in the thick of winter? What wonderful things do you have planned for February?

Happy Spinning :)

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  1. The yarn is gorgeous!!! What fun socks they will be.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, they will be pretty wild haha

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