a classic skirt.

I had a little bit of a teaser in my last post. If you looked at the photos closely, there was a navy blue skirt in a couple of them. While I am not working towards a completely handmade wardrobe because honestly I don’t have the inclination at this stage of my life, I have been trying to add some classic pieces that will serve me well over the next little while. One of those things is a nice-fitting skirt that I can wear to pretty much anything, anytime.


Pattern: Rae Skirt [View A] by Tasia St. Germaine (aka Sewaholic)

Fabric: Wool Crepe in navy

Time to complete (including cutting): 4 hours


Tasia wrote a couple of blog posts about developing this skirt pattern as a perfect beginner sewing pattern. I completely agree that this includes just enough skill to keep the sewist interested but also makes for a quick afternoon project for a more advanced skill level. This is my third Sewaholic pattern – I have made both the Renfrew top and the Minoru Jacket. I wear both all the time.


This is actually my second Rae Skirt but my first one is languishing upstairs, unfinished. I used too-heavy fabric and now I’m not sure about the wearability. I also made view B the first time, which is a much fuller, longer skirt. Honestly, at this stage of being post-partum … I don’t really want a whole bunch of fabric around my hips right now. As well, I have to hem the bejeesus out of it because it is way too long.


I think I will get a lot of wear out of this … but honestly, I’m not sure. I hope to. Sometimes I think our life is conducive to something like this and then I shake my head and think, ‘Yeah, right.’ I don’t wear ‘office wear’ at work – I work in scrubs which are just glorified pyjamas. Same as last post, me thinks, time will tell!


Here is the back of the skirt – I love the panels on the sides. I think they are very slimming.



Working on projects like this reminds me how much I love to sew. I don’t miss it when I don’t do it, but I love it when I’m working on something. It’s a lucky coincidence that this skirt looks great with Esjan :)

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