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First, I wanted to let you know April’s show has been RE-RECORDED and uploaded. I apologize for the audio problems in the original show but thank you for your support, for watching and to those who let me know! You can find the new show here

I thought I would share with you what our family does at this time of year and the reasons behind not getting much crafting done! Our family loves being outside and we spend as many weekend days out there as we can. This definitely means we don’t get a lot done around home – and I spend many weekday evenings trying to catch up BUT I will gladly trade that for the family time, every time.


Not all of our weekend and weekday adventures are epic – some are simple duck watching, riding bikes on the near-by trails or playing at the park with sidewalk chalk.


And sometimes we pack the kids up with our hiking backpack and James’ run-bike, drive two to three hours east of Vancouver to find ourselves at our favourite place within driving distance for a daytrip: EC Manning Park.


Lightening Lakes, EC Manning Park, BC, Canada




Lots of ice and snow on the trial still but there were no falls! And James biked most of it on his run-bike. He quickly figured out to stay to the slush, instead of ice, and dirt as much as possible.


Norah loves riding high in the pack. It gives her a great view rather than in the Ergo on me. Now to work on keeping her hat on!



Spring is definitely here in full swing so as we take advantage of these rain-less days, What are you doing? What’s your favourite season?


Happy Doing-Whatever-You-Love-To-Do :)

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