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There comes a time in every knitter’s life when she (he) has to decide whether to rip or to persevere. Whether to knit that old but super popular pattern just for the sheer simple reason of “I want one too!” (said in a slightly whiney voice) or not. Whether to jump on the proverbial ‘trend’ bandwagon or not. And the summation of it all: Whether to re-knit something that fit horribly the first time or not.


Pattern :: Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague

Yarn :: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in colourway 6213 Blue Glasynys (? discontinued)

Needles :: 5.00mm square needles on 32” cable

And then there’s the tough part to remain as excited about a project weeks after starting it when you start to have a little bit of anxiety about the fit, wearability and flattery of said project. I have decided, after looking at the project on my dress form and pulling it every which way, that I am going to continue knitting. This yarn was bought specifically for this project something like 4 years ago (definitely pre-kids, I know that much!) and I’d like to finish it as it as intended.


The yarn that I originally chose for this project has a lovely drape and colour. It is definitely not what I would choose now if I were starting from scratch but on the other hand … it’s a good choice and quite lovely. I do really like Ultra Alpaca as a good workhorse yarn.

Wish me luck!?

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  1. Good luck!!! Maybe you can gift it to someone really deserving if it doesn’t fit you the way you want it to.

    1. Great idea!

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