Eating Grapes.

Happy Spinzilla! Nothing like kicking off the week with some finished handspun to inspire more spinning this week!

I posted recently about Targhee and had been working on this superwash Targhee at the same time as spinning the Sweet Georgia braid. Weird how things come together, isn’t it? This was for the SAL that just wrapped up in the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary group on Ravelry that featured the indie dyers of Into the Whirled. It was a great excuse to try some of their beautifully prepped fibre.





Fibre :: Into the Whirled Superwash Targhee in colourway Eating Grapes off the Wallpaper

Yarn :: Traditional 3-ply, ~368 yards/122 grams (small Navajo-plied skein of leftovers ~50 yards) {ravelry page here}

Specs :: Hansen miniSpinner with WW at 2 o’clock for singles, 4 o’clock for plying





I spun this skein on my Hansen miniSpinner using the Woolee Winder. Each third was then wound off onto my Bobbins Up storage bobbins. I am on the fence about these storage bobbins – not because they aren’t well made. They are great. I’m just not a fan of the electric drill that one has to use. I’d way rather use a manual bobbin winder. One day, maybe.



The finished yarn will be great for socks due to the high twist, durability of Targhee and washability of the superwash. I can’t complain at all about this finished skein! I think I will use the little 50 yard skein of Navajo-plied yarn for the heels. That’s a great way to use up extras and I can hold some nylon with it to further reinforce the heels.



Happy Spinning :)


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  1. Beautiful yarn! I’m so in love with a real 3-ply, and how the colors blend. I’ve been thinking about storage bobbins for years, and I’ve just bought some Schacht weaving bobbins and a Swedish bobbin winder. I love it! So easy to use, and I agree with you, I don’t really like the electric drill for storage bobbins. The Swedish bobbin winder goes so much faster than the electric drill.

    1. That’s fantastic to know Marianne – thank you for the info!!!

  2. Beautiful colors! I just finished my first Targhee and love spinning this fiber.

    1. It’s really lovely to spin huh?!

  3. I love those color spun up even more than in the braid! I feel the same way about having to use a drill with the Bobbins up bobbins (I got one to try out). I have an HD winder, but the Bobbins Up bobbins don’t fit on it because the shaft is not hollow all the way through. Hrmph.

    1. Yes, there doesn’t seem to be a good fit for the Bobbins Up other than a drill. I am waffling about Schacht storage bobbins and a traditional (non-electric drill!! Haha) bobbin winder … So torn!

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