Episode 10.2 :: Tips, Tech & Socks

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast

Episode 10.2 :: Tips, Tech & Socks

October 2015

Thank you for watching! This month’s videocast features a new segment called Tips & Techniques, a possible breed-a-long in the group, socks and a give away.

I am a Craftsy affiliate. This means that when you click on the Craftsy ad within my website and purchase a class or supplies, I receive credit for it. It is a great way to support the show and much appreciated! Thank you!

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Handspun Knitting //

Sweet Georgia Yarns Reveal //

Thank you for watching & Happy Spinning :)


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  1. Love your podcast.
    It is great to watch you spinning. The tips on joining fiber was very interesting and I will give it a try.
    I enjoyed you talking about what you are doing as you spin and also the info about your wheel.
    It wouldbe nice to have the segment separately as well for reference like in a tutorial section. So it could be quick to find.
    I would like to do a breed a long. Right now I am spinning samples of different breeds – Gotland, falkland, welsh and perendale. I have 1 oz samples of fleece that I am spinning. It is quite interesting to compare the different fibers.
    Thanks for the interesting show.

    1. That’s a great idea about having them separate as a tutorial type format — great idea! Thanks :)

  2. Thanks for another great podcast! I think one of the things I fumble with for a breed-along is HOW. So now I am thinking that I should try a few different draws and/or finishes, knit up some sample squares, handle them and see how they wear, etc. I want to find a way to really experience the wool as it transforms from loose fiber to FO.

    1. Thank you! You know, this is what I’ve been thinking about since the episode went live. More like an opportunity to compare with one another what different fibres are like, spinning different draws, finishing differently, etc. Hmmm … Need to think about it some more!!

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