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These little beauties were a wee gift for my dear friend’s little girl, Kali. Who’s a complete gem. You know those kids that are just walking to the beat of their own drum and rocking it the whole time? Yup, that’s Kali. No princesses here. She was a ninja for Hallowe’en.


When her mom mentioned that Kali needed new slippers, I asked if I could knit a pair for her. Her mom being a dear friend and also a fellow creative said absolutely. And then I proceeded to do nothing about it. I decided that I should probably get knitting on the last weekend in October when the weather was starting to really change.


Pattern :: Simple House Slippers by Simone A.

Yarn :: Dream in Colour Classy in colour 160 Blue Lagoon, roughly 0.3 skeins of deep stash

Needles :: 3.75mm 40” circulars for magic looping the foot

project page on Ravelry here


In its simplicity, this pattern is rather brilliant. It is a free pattern and really just part of a blog post on Simone’s blog, Temple of Knit. I have followed Simone for a long time and her aesthetic and thoughts have always brought much inspiration to me and my crafting.

IMG_1462Because I was knitting for a smaller foot – I had asked my friend to give me a tracing of Kali’s foot for dimensions – I sized down the needles to 3.75mm rather than the called for 4 or 4.5mm needles. Also, this created a denser fabric which is great for slippers. My stitch counts remained as called for in pattern.

Kali is growing like a weed right now so I did add almost an inch to the length and thank heavens for garter stitch, they will stretch. I can even wear them on my feet comfortably and I have 1.5 inch longer feet than Kali at this point.


There is a simple mattress stitch seam needed down the back but it was easy to do and doesn’t look sloppy or thick. The pattern says to leave the bottom two stitches open for comfort – BRILLIANT! It helps the slippers to sit properly on your feet.


Overall, these turned out wonderfully and I’m hoping Kali loves them as much as I do.


All images © Rachel Smith Anderson

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