mittens and love.

I had another post scheduled for this morning but I decided to save it for another day, another morning. The reason for this change was due to a few events that occurred over the weekend and I felt disingenuous not sharing what was on my mind.


Originally, these project photos were going to be shared with you later in the month in an upbeat, aren’t-toddlers-fun-and-cute way, which is completely what comes to mind when you see a little boy playing in front of the camera in his friend’s new mittens. Or at least it does for me.


But this past weekend, there were atrocities committed in Paris, one of my favourite cities in the world and for whom I mourn that what happened in their beautiful city happened. And we spent a lovely weekend walking on the beautiful beaches that run up and down the coasts of Vancouver Island, chatting and reminiscing and laughing with my family. And, I had delivered these special mittens to my dear friend in order for her to surprise her little boy on Friday morning when he woke up, to which he replied, “They are red because they are my favourite!” (Toddler logic and genuineness at its best!) It’s a lot to happen in one weekend.


And so, in one fell swoop, these little mittens, which took me about 2 hours to complete, took on a whole other meaning from the gift itself to the love behind them for our friends and family to the colour to the commitment we make to one another as humans. And they will be worn and washed and loved and snagged on ice over this coming hockey season. And maybe one will go missing. And more pairs will be made and more hugs and love and laughter will be exchanged.


In the meantime though, I will sit and think about the juxtaposition of life, the awful events that occur that cause sadness while also experiencing feelings of happiness due to other joyful events in our lives, and knowing that there will always be people who will help and love in our lives if we look for them in the crowd. And if we are really lucky, are only an arms-length away.



Page on Ravelry here for project details.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes.

  2. Brandi Adcock says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I follow you on YouTube!!
    You inspire me tremendously!!!
    I spin, knit, dye, prep my own fleece and fiber, a bit of crocheting and I’m learning to weave on my Harrisville 22” , 8 harness, 10 treadle jack loom. I’m from the states and will be moving this spring to Clyde, North Carolina to attend Haywood College. I will be studying the Professional Craft /Fiber program. After graduation in two years with my associates I hope to transfer to university of Oregon to continue on for my Masters degree in Fiber Arts. My long-term goal is a small herd on a small farm with a small studio maybe a Mill.,,really not sure yet! Definitely sure about the small shit Farm!
    I’m interested in becoming a patron I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your podcast, and how much I have learned! Just wanted you to know how much you inspire me have a great day! Brandi

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