Episode 11.2 :: Dyeing to Dye

The Wool n’ Spinning Podcast

Episode 11.2 :: Dyeing to Dye

November 2015

Thank you for watching! This month’s videocast features a giveaway winner, handspun knitting, and tons of dyeing!

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General Housekeeping //

Winner of YarnINK giveaway :: KnitwicVic – Vicki from Sebringville, ON

Cheviot braid for the handspun entries the Fall into Winter KAL with Kate of Stitch Addiction Podcast

On My Wheel //

Handspun Knitting //

Maiwa natural dye stock

Intro to Dyeing course – Maiwa, Vancouver, BC //

    • 3 day intensive
    • Natural dyes in Madder, Logwood, Cochineal, Marigold & Henna
    • Procion MX
    • Ciba acid dyes
    • Samples shown in the acid dyes between grey Jacob fleece versus cream-white Corriedale
    • I would not recommend this course if you have dyeing experience already and are liking your results. This was truly basic.

Procion MX

Personal Dyeing //

  • Cheviot in purples, kettle dye with vinegar
  • Wensleydale – handpainted and microwaved
  • Wensleydale – kettle dyed with greens
  • Superwash wool – kettle dyed, poor results. sprinkled dye on afterwards

Sweet Georgia Yarns’ Club Reveal //

See you in December – Happy Spinning :)

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  1. Really enjoyed hearing about your dye class.
    But be careful once you start to dye with plants it becomes addictive. Suddenly a hike in the woods will have you wondering what color the leaves and bark will produce on your fiber.

    1. Haha I am getting the distinct impression that that is exactly what happens to people!!!

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