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If I have ever related to one of Felicia’s fibre club reflections, it was this month. I found myself nodding as I read her notes about enjoying life in the moment rather than always waiting or looking to the future to savour something.



With tiny children running around, I am often told by others to ‘relish each moment’ and ‘cherish this time’ with them. In the midst of a full and bustling home this can be difficult, particularly for myself who needs ‘solo time’.

But this month in the early morning hours while I worked on this braid of beautiful purples, greens and browns, I found myself thinking about the silly moments, sad moments and just-plain-fun moments from our previous days. This quiet reflection time left me sorely wanting more of this time and I have continued honouring this morning ritual even after finishing this braid of fibre.


I spun the braid end-to-end, with no prep of the fibre itself. I literally just sat down and spun. The resulting bobbin felt a wee bit anti-climatic due to it’s simplicity. The depth of the various colours in the original braid prior to spinning were hidden beneath the singles visible to us due to the long colour repeats of such simple spinning.


As I spun, I also dreamed about shawls out there that would suit themselves to long colour repeats. An example that came to mind again and again was Stephen West’s shawl Daybreak. But in the end, this lovely hank of yarn will be socks.


Nothing sounds more scrumptious than a pair of three-ply socks in Superwash Merino + Nylon. They won’t match but I’m not a stickler for that particularly. In the end, I have about 320 yards of Navajo-plied fingering-weight yarn after washing and I can’t wait to cast on!

I think a pair of vanilla (plain Stockinette stitch) socks will show off the slow colour progressions best, add interest while knitting and be long lasting/wearing due to the machine-washable nature of this blend.


Have you started spinning your braid yet? Are you saving it to savour later or putting it on your wheel/spindle next? Come share with us in the Ravelry group or in the Spoilers thread.

See you in December!

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