Christmas Grape.

This is another picture heavy since this time it is of Norah! Her Christmas sweater is finished just in time to wear … for next year! Hers is huge as well and while I think she will have a growth spurt before the end of December (she’s due for one), I’m not sure she will be able to fill out the sweater this year.


IMG_1319Regardless, it’s really lovely and knit up quickly. She had fun running around our front yard while I snapped a few photos.

The only modifications I made on this version was to add more stripes to the yoke and again, knit a contrasting hem, cuffs and button band. For the button band, I did garter stitch just for something different.


Pattern :: Wonder Years Cardigan by Elizabeth Smith (The Brown Stitch) in size 3T

Yarn :: Sweet Georgia Yarns’ Superwash Worsted in colours ‘Grape’ (2 skeins) and ‘Mist’ (1 skein) (both were from the seconds wall at the studio)

Needles :: 5.00mm circulars


IMG_1337Overall, this is a great pattern. Of course this is the second time in under a month that I knit this since Norah’s was actually finished within a week of James’ being finished. I think my gauge (without checking or being very accurate) was a wee bit bigger than the pattern because I wasn’t expecting both of sweaters to be as big as they ended up being. I’m torn about knitting each another, better fitting sweater for this year and storing these both until they fit better (basically, until they grow into them). I’m not sure that’s in the cards though and that’s okay. I am surprised at how much I enjoyed knitting for the kids again – It was something that I didn’t enjoy after James was born. I think because I was doing so many test knits that it tainted my experience! There will be more toddler knits in my future I suspect.



It is slightly out of focus but I did get one big smile during the morning – and it was worth the wait ::


Happy knitting :)


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