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The obsession with sock knitting continues this week with a follow-up from Monday’s post with you guessed it, more socks! For the Christmas break, our little family piled onto a plane and flew to Toronto to spend the holidays with our extended family. It was loud, boisterous and exhausting but tons of fun. The kids spent most of their time with their grandparents, who were over the moon to spend so much time with them, which meant I had an abundant amount of knitting time. I managed to finish two pairs of socks, half a toddler sweater for Norah and a complicated shawl.

I don’t tend to ‘save’ my socks but instead wear them right away when it’s winter, so I thought I’d take some quick photos and they have been living on my feet since then.


Pattern :: Fish Lips Kiss Heel by the SoxTherapist

Yarn :: Smith and Ewe Superwash BFL handspun

Needles :: 2.25mm DPNs


The first pair are my Smith and Ewe Handspun socks in Superwash BFL. This was yarn that I spun back in August and combination drafted the colours together to create a heather effect. It worked really well and the finished socks might be my favourite to date. Per some discussions on the Ravelry group thread, I decided to knit these at a very small gauge for the yarn. I made this yarn only 2-ply but incredibly high twist – it was twisting in my hand as I knit with it. I’m very curious to see how these wear and will absolutely report back.


I love the heathering effect of the combination drafted fibre. To obtain this effect, hold multiple colours of fibre together and draft them all at the same time. This creates an optical illusion of the colours blending. From a distance, these socks look blue-purple but up close, there is burgundy, royal blue and purple, teals, and turquoise. It’s a lovely way to create a new colourway.


While these are probably my most favourite socks ever, these next ones are a close second. Completely a band-wagon jumper on these ones, I know there are many people knitting these since Susan B. Anderson started hers!


I am, of course, talking about the Regia Design Line Arne & Carlos socks that look like a Nordic sweater, is called Summer Night and remind me of Christmas. Lightening quick, these knit up in less than 2 days. Once again, I used my regular, vanilla recipe that seems to be really holding the test of time for me. I shall not be deviating from it for a while! I’ve actually knit 6 pairs for myself using the Fish Lips Kiss Heel thus far and have three more on the needles at various stages.


Pattern :: Fish Lips Kiss Heel by the SoxTherapist

Yarn :: Regia Design Line Arne & Carlos in colourway 3657 Summer Night; My First Regia in white

Needles :: 2.25mm 32” circulars, magic loop


In a moment of crazy, I decided I wanted these to be matching so I knit much longer cuffs than I normally do and stopped when the patterning I needed started again. It was a little crazy-making but it was holding my interest so I kept knitting!


While these two new pairs keep my feet warm, I have started a third pair (I know?! What’s up with me?!) from a ball of Phildar that I bought in Toronto last week at Romni Wools. I don’t know the name or colourway but I’ll post that soon. I’m really enjoying how these are knitting up and again, they are super fast.


What are you obsessing about lately?!

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  1. I’m obsessing over your Regia socks, lol! I’ve definitely got to get my hands on some of that yarn. Really though, I just finished a lacey sweater (Bloomsbury on Ravelry), and I absolutely cannot wait to wear it! Just need to get those pesky ends done so I can block, blog, and wear:)

  2. I have some really old socks knit with self-patterning yarn back when the last craze was in full swing, but they are nowhere near as fun as yours! Were I not trying to knit down my stash right now, I would be ordering a bunch of the Arne & Carlos yarn.

  3. I love both those pairs of socks! I’m obsessing over my first Custom Fit sweater. It’s going so well. I don’t think I’ve ever knit a project with such perfect gauge.

  4. I love your socks! I’m obsessing over my first Custom Fit sweater. It’s going so well! I have never knit a project with such perfect gauge.

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