a hybrid sweater.


I am so excited this is done …

Have you ever knit those projects that kind of fly off your needles and once it is finished, you sort of forget about them? This was one of those projects but for an odd reason. I knit it twice. When I finished it the second time, it was anti-climatic because oh wait a moment, it fits and looks exactly like the first one.


For those who’ve been following me for a while, you know what happened to the first one but for those new to my blog, the first Hyannis Port died a horrific felted death. I actually cried. I have never cried over my knitting before* and it took me a while to want to knit this again.

*My husband, who is very wise, thinks I was so upset because I was so tired the particular week it happened.


On one hand, I am really happy with this sweater. On the other hand, I’m no sure. There are a few things I would change and am contemplating doing so. One is the turtleneck – I don’t think it’s long enough. It needs about 2” more to make it perfect and for the amount of work that would take? I think it would be worthwhile. Would I wear it more? I don’t know. Second, I wish it were a wee bit longer. I am tempted (before changing the turtleneck) to re-wash this and allow it to hang when about 80% dry to see if it’ll just stretch enough to make me happy.


Pattern :: Catboat by Amy Herzog // Hyannis Port Pullover by Cecily Glowik McDonald

Yarn :: Valley Yarns Amherst (100% Superfine Merino) in colourway Balsam

Needles :: 4.5mm for body/sleeves/first half of turtleneck, 5.00mm second half of turtleneck


The Custom Fit software, for those who haven’t tried it, is really wonderful. With the new upgrades, it is even easier (and even more universal) to use. I find I obtain a good fit using the software. I feel, after taking Amy’s Craftsy class and using the software a few times now, that I can probably do it myself now but having the math done for you is really nice. Particularly with the armscye depth measurements. I have a body type that actually fits raglans quite nicely but there’s nothing like a set-in sleeve for fit and polish.


I chose a ‘close fit’ for this pattern and while the arms are a wee bit snug, the rest of the sweater fits perfectly. I have a long torso, so I knit to 17” from cast on to armhole but if I were to do this again (I would be a sucker to want to knit this a third time but you never know!), I would knit to 19” long. I just like my clothing longer.


Overall, I’m really happy with the pattern and chart from Cecily’s pullover, which just made this for me. I wrote about my inspiration for this project here. What I really love about this sweater, though, is that I can also wear it with my new shawl!


Hyannis Port // Custom Fit Hybrid & Stories from Snoqualmie Valley shawl.

Do you combine patterns to create objects you really love? I’d love to hear about your process for doing so.

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  1. This is gorgeous and fits you perfectly, Rachel! I love the mash-up. I’ve never thought to combine two patterns before like this (well, not sweater patterns, anyway), but it’s a brilliant idea. I have yet to try Custom Fit and would like to, although the ladies at my LYS tell me that because non-CF patterns generally fit me okay I probably don’t need to. I still like the idea of a pattern generated specifically for you and your body, though.

    1. Thanks Paula! Happy new year to you!!!

    2. Thanks Sarah! I love mixing up patterns because you get exactly what you want. I have an hourglass shape and so my shoulders and hips are the same which us really helpful because patterns generally fit well. I find with Custom Fit, I get just that little bit extra in terms of great fit. It’s definitely something to try then use that template going forward, instead of constantly buying another Custom Fit pattern since they are so expensive!! :)

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