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Episode 22!

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Handpulled roving off the drumcarder YouTube video here.

About the Giveaway ::

A while ago, I was approached by Cathy of Project Fleece in Ontario, Canada, wondering if I’d like to give some of her Spinster pins away. I told her I’d love to and after receiving them, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with them for a giveaway. In the end, I thought the vlog posts would be best so stay tuned there to see whether you win!

If you don’t want to wait for a pin, but would like to order one of your own, they can be found here, in Cathy’s Etsy shop! They are so super stinking cool!


As part of the giveaway, I’m including a small bundle of drumcarded  nests – they are really fun to spin on both a wheel or spindle and would work up beautifully in a striped something-or-other. I hope you have fun spinning them while you are wearing your pin!

James and Norah picked the colours. Funnily enough, they ended up being the three secondary colours of the colour wheel: Orange, Purple and Green. Norah told me her favourite was purple, James said his favourite was the orange because it had red in it (there’s no true red in it but instead HOT pink and yellow, hence the more peachy colour). And my personal favourite, which has spring boarded into a new spinning project*, was the green!

*More on that later in the month!




How to be entered for one of these fun little giveaways? In the comments, tell us, Why are you proud to be a Spinster? and please indicate which colour you’d prefer if you had a choice. I will choose the first winner next Friday and their colour choice will be granted then after that it’s a bit more ‘whatever is left’. At preschool the other day, the teacher said a little rhyme that resonated with me: We get what we get, and we don’t get upset! hahaha

Until then,


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  1. bethy40 says:

    Oh, that green is stunning! All your colours are so enticing. And those pins! I am proud to be a spinster. The term makes me think of a time when it was applied to lots of women because it was the way that they supported themselves and their household. To me it evokes thoughts of resourcefulness, experience, hard work and nimble hands. There is so much power in the history of handspinning. Godesses spun and watching loose fiber be drawn out into useable yarn is like watching magic. It’s why I love to watch people spin and watch closely when I spin. It’s still magical to me and I am proud to be a spinser.

  2. I love the idea of making something from start to finish it’s such an achievement. It takes so long to make that I appreciate it much more. I also like to give my handmade items as gifts, the love, care and time that goes into making them means so much. I like the much slower pace to living that making something this way gives me. It relaxes me and makes me feel so good about myself and definately keeps me sane. I just love spinning.

  3. I love being a spinner because with every spin I am creating and also learning. I also love teaching my kids and others about craft that has been around for ever! All the colors are gorgeous but the green is my fav!

  4. I am proud to be a spinster because it keeps me sane. I find serenity when I spin. I especially like to spin outside in the warm summer months. I enjoy the weather and wildlife around my little part of the world. I love the green nests because they contain little bits of my favorite color – mustard yellow (at least on my monitor)! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your spinning and projects – so inspiring.

  5. Haha, what a cute idea! And, yes! I am a proud spinster! There is something so satisfying about taking fiber and turning it into yarn, it gives depth to the “slow create” movement. And, since you asked – those greens are just lovely! Thanks Rachel!

  6. I’m proud to say I’m a spinster. For me, I find peace and tranquility when I spin. I tune out the world and just concentrate on my fiber. It’s like meditation but with spinning. The green is lovely, but I’m partial to the middle one as I love purples.

  7. Megan D says:

    I’m proud to spin, to create, to make with my hands! By day I am a software engineer, which is creative but intangible. I love the feeling of making tangible and beautiful things.

  8. Erin Anderson says:

    I find working shift work in a hospital, where things are appropriately urgent and fast paced, is perfectly balanced by the simple meditative act of spinning wool. And of course we are creating order from chaos, which is part of the balance if things. I am often daydreaming of the fibre waiting at home for me, or in my lunch bag to be knitted! Your green blend is by far my favourite.

  9. I am new to spinning but I am so proud to be a spinner because I get a sense of accomplishment everytime I make yarn. I also find it extremely relaxing! The purple fibre is fabulous!

  10. Hi I like love all three but it o had to choose it wold be the green. I’m proud to be a spinster for so many reasons the first is probably I just love to make things myself ever since I was a little girl. I love the processes of sheep to finished product it stimulates my brain and brings me joy through the artistic process. I also find the spinning and knitting super meditative. All of that is something to be proud of right?

  11. Sometimes I go too long without sitting at my wheel. When I finally do carve out some time I always think to myself, this is it. It’s the thing that’s been missing. There’s something very pleasing in the tactile nature of spinning that just speaks to me. All of these colors are fabulous, but yes, I would have to agree the green is just perfect!

  12. Linda Jane says:

    I love the feel of the fibres in my hands especially when they have been processed from the fleece. It’s also being able to teach to give a better understanding of the differences between sheep breeds and the enormous amounts of time it takes to make a garment. The pink is lovely and perfect for my granddaughter!

    1. Michelle Tessier says:

      I’m proud to be a spinster because I enjoy the process of spinning, the calmness it brings, and having something beautiful and useful in the end. Any color would be great, they are all beautiful.

  13. pdranch says:

    Growing up I would visit a family of weavers every summer. I would dream of making my own cloth. When I graduated from college I got my first loom. I also saw my first spinner. It was a real challenge finding my first spinning wheel back in 1972. I love the challenge of learning to weave, But learning to spin felt like coming home. It is the craft I keep coming back to. I knit, crochet, and weave, but I always say I am a spinner. It is part of my being. I even named my business Merry Spinster. I always spin natural colors, so any color would be a fun change.

  14. Spinning is so relaxing, you can just focus on the rhythm until it becomes almost meditative. And the final product is always gorgeous and a real treat to knit up! I love the purple bundle :)

  15. Carolyn says:

    I am proud to be a spinnster because I am 74 years old and still get excited about learning a new fiber skills. I have been spinning for 4 years and it is very satisfying to spin the yarn for my knitting projects. ❤️ Your blog.

  16. craftyone says:

    i like the green so much

  17. I’m proud to be a spinster because I love it’s meditative quality and being part of a project from beginning to end. I love the green bundle.🐏

  18. shirley s says:

    There are so many things I love about spinning.. The meditative aspect, the connection to past generations, the gratification of making, learning about different breeds, preps and spinning techniques. It’s fascinating! All your colors are pretty, honestly, I’d be happy with any one of them.

  19. I am proud because it is so much fun and cool! I like the purple most, then the peachy just beats out the green for my second favorite :)

  20. Jenna Ou says:

    Im a beginner spinster :) I would love the purple one, it is my favorite color! :)

  21. I’m proud to be a spinster because spinning yarn is like solving a puzzle skein after skein. You can put fiber, prep, twist, color, plies, and novelties together in so many different ways and get so many completely different, yet amazing yarns for different needs. I love finding and reveling in those details.

    As for colors, I’m rather smitten with the purple and the green.

  22. I am proud to be a spinster because it brings me like-minded friends. Because I am a life-long learner and depths of what we can know about fiber is limitless. Because spinning makes me happy. Green is my favorite color but I love all your batlings. Thank you, Rachel!

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