Firstly, I want to thank Stitch Craft Marketing and Della Q for providing this beautiful needle case to me for review. After I had had it in my possession for a few weeks, I decided to contact Stefanie at Stitch Craft to see if I could pay-it-forward and offer it as a giveaway. I love love love needles and notions and bags and cases but the sad fact is, I am trying to simplify and keep things to a minimum so I hope it can fill a hole in your notions needs, rather than here where I’m afraid that it won’t be used to its full potential!

This is a needle case from the new Esquire collection. It is minimalist and utilitarian. I love the dark colour, although with all the dog hair in our house, it shows on the case!

Della Q products are hand sewn in Vietnam and are all designed by Della herself. The prototypes are sewn by a sample maker, who is a man, but the remaining sewing is mostly done by women. She has built this business over the course of the last 10 years and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her cases and their craftsmanship.


This particular case is for both straight and circular needles, comes with lables in the various needle sizes to attach if you so choose. I have had tremendous pain and discomfort in my wrists and had let all of my straight needles go, a recent decision that I agonized over and finally just had to admit I needed to do! For those out there who love their straight needles still, particularly for knitting sweaters in pieces (I’ve heard it’s very enjoyable to knit pieced sweaters on straights?), this is the case for you.


As per Della Q’s reputation, this case is beautifully made with accurate stitching and even had a zippered pocket for notions like tapestry needles, stitch markers and scrap yarn for holding stitches. Anything you’d carry in your little notions pouch can travel in that zippered pocket as it would be safe from falling out. I thought this was a great addition to the case and made it incredibly utilitarian.


My question for you to enter to win this case is Where do you manage and store your knitting needles currently? Have you found a way that works for you, or are you still struggling to find the perfect solution? If you’ve been reading this for a while, I solved my problems with needle storage a long time ago and you can read about that here. It’s a simple storage option that I spent about $15 on from Staples.

I will draw a winner from the comments section on June 29th. Good luck!

Until then,


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  1. Lovely giveaway! My needle storage is a pretty cardboard binder with plastic sleeves. I organise the needles by size in individual sleeves. For the most part it works well, though occassionally the binder falls over and slippery needles spill out.

  2. I keep my straight needles in a coffee can and the circs are hanging from a pin on my bulletin board! I need help :)

  3. I love your storage idea – I am using a needle case that I got some years ago from a sale table at a LYS, however, it is overflowing so I have some needles hanging on a peg board in my craft room.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Oh my, I have been knitting since 1961 and still have my original metal straight needles. I store them in zippered bags I bought at Joann’s year s ago. They would love a new home !

  5. I like your binder! I don’t have a great solution. I have a few homemade needle rolls but they are filled beyond capacity and I’ve been itching to do something different. About once every year or two, I try to gather up all the WIPs and UFOs and reclaim needles and stitch markers and yarn — out with the old, etc etc. I think the Della Q roll you reviewed would be good for traveling if one is inclined to over pack on projects. (I don’t know ANYONE like that!)

  6. I have my needles in a homemade needlecase. It has room for the needles, and for the cables. I also keep my fixed circulars in it too. I would love the case from Della Q, as my Novas won’t fit in to my present case!

  7. Linda Jane says:

    I use mainly circulars and DPNs these days and keep them in the original packs in a project bag. My older straights are in a needle bag that is as old as the needles!

  8. My circulars are sadly in a plastic ziplock bag! My straights are in some needle rolls, but they they don’t fit very well. Love the change to win this lovely solution!

  9. Lani (aka Luwana on Ravelry) says:

    Okay, I have to confess – I have a my needles in a variety of storage places. The more larger-size (6+) needles I keep in a box that is shaped like a shoe box that has a snap on closure on both ends. My DPNs are kept in another, not-as-fancy shoe box, my knit pick interchangables (originals) are in their own case, and my smaller circular needles (000+) are kept in a folding compartment thingy that I got from somewhere. . .

    On another note, Rachel I miss your regular podcast and am very excited when you sneak in a tutorial or mini-podcast.

    Thanks for all that you do.

  10. My needles are kept in a small garbage bin with a swing lid. However, my cat likes pushing the lid and chewing the ends of my needles :(

  11. craftyone says:

    i have a bag I crochet where the bulk of the hooks/needles are kept. I, also, have a bag for for my interchangeable needles. This would be handy for travel.

  12. i don’t have one right now but would love to get started

  13. Angie Kunst says:

    I am still struggling with my needle and dpn storage I totally need this!

  14. I keep mine in a box, the straight are just out and dpn are suppose to be in ziplock bags but don’t always end up where they are suppose too, so yes o still struggle with storage.

  15. I have 4 storage areas (too many!). One namaste double wide for most of my circulars, and a signature arts storage bag, and also a separate bag for all of the random straight needles I have. Plus the basket where needles are thrown until I sort them.

  16. Michelle Tessier says:

    I keep my needles in the pack that they came in inside a large zip bag except for sock needles which I keep in a project bag.

  17. knitknackedblog says:

    Lovely give-a-way! I have my DPN’s stored in the cardboard tubes from TP rolls :) I have them standing in a box and labeled by size – it is working brilliantly! My circs – ehh, not so well. I haven’t found anything other than I have my 16″ ones in one place, and all other lengths in a 2nd place. I still have to dig through each tangle to find the size I am looking for :(

  18. Laura (aka Spinbunny) says:

    What a great giveaway! I have to admit that I have all my knitting needles and crochet hooks in a large plastic bin with a handle. Not pretty, and not as organized as I’d like, but at least they’re all in one spot. Keep thinking that one day I’ll get around to sewing a nice case.

  19. Janet Davis says:

    I have returned to knitting after a hiatus of 3 decades. I am slowly collecting needles and so far have found no place to store them all together in a case that protects them and lets me pack them. I have tried needles cases (hard plastic), artist brush cases, and cases that have pockets and fold over. No solution has been satisfactory.

  20. I keep my circular needles in my Della Q combination knitting needles and crochet hook case. The other circulars live in a clear scrap booking case. For my long straight needles, some are in a home made roll up case made of fabric, the rest are in a home made pottery vase on display. Thanks for the review and draw.

  21. I store my straight needles in a zippered, canvas paintbrush case and my circulars in Ziploc bags stored in an accordion file by size.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I keep my needles in a brown sheep zip up case with plastic “pages”. Does the job but surely isn’t nearly as pretty as the needle case above. My crochet hooks are in another case.

  23. Joanne Harrison says:

    I have quite a collection of different knitting needles and crochet hooks and picked up cases for each type from I further store all these many cases in a plastic tote. The cases are not as finely sewn as the ones in this review are, nor do they have a zipped accessory storage area. I have 3 cases for crochet hooks, a plastic accessories box for tapestry needles and stitch markers and 10 knitting needle cases. I have 2 tote bags I use for projects I am working on and 2 plastic tote boxes for yarn and the needle cases.

  24. I currently throw all my needles in my knitting basket. I need a better solution.

  25. Alyssa S. says:

    I currently keep all of my needles either in a long pencil pouch type thing or in a cup next to my yarn stash.

  26. Shelley says:

    I have mine in the original packaging they all came in………. would love to have them all in one location along with the stitch markers etc that i keep in an old pencil case that was my sons in school few years back! :-)

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