A process-driven weekly reflection of my spinning endeavours! I hope you enjoy this week’s reflection on a combination spin I’ve just started, as well as some spindle spinning. For more on how I prepped the combo spin, have a look here {original blog post} and here {YouTube}.

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  1. Hi Rachel
    Thank you for sharing your process. To be honest, I’m often overwhelmed by the many many options that fibre prep and combo spinning has brought into the spinning planning process. For me, it’s often inspiration from other sources (Instagram, videos or blogs) that inspires me to try something other than a straight up spin. Other times, it’s wanting to stretch a special color way so it can be used for a more substantial knit. And other times, I may not love a braid or colour as is and want to add in neutrals or other colours to tone it down. A little like cooking. Experiment til I get some thing that I love or try, try again. Thank you for sharing your planning and ideas! Lisa

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