Episode 24

Another instalment of my weekly video-log (vlog), focusing on the process of creating my handspinning projects! We are coming to the end of the first iteration of vlogs that I promised as a way of creating a more sustainable future for the podcast. As a way to move forward, I am pleased to announce the start of a Patreon support page that will allow us to move forward as a community, offering the resources for me to create something sustainable for the long-term. I hope to explore the future together with you, to see what we can create as a community and break new ground! If I were to dream ‘big’, I would say that I hope one day to do this full-time.

For interest about the Wool n’ Spinning Tour de Fleece group and the Slack channel, click here. I need an email address from you and your name to add you to the roster/Slack. All Tour de Fleecers will have access to the Slack channel until the finish of the Tour unless you are a Patreon supporter, at which point, your Slack will continue indefinitely!

For more on my YouTube channel, click here.

For my handspun projects page on Ravelry, click here.

For the Project Fleece GIVEAWAY, to Carolyn and Vicki – please send me your mailing addresses and full names via email: rachel [at] welfordpurls [dot] com. Thanks!!

Thank you to our newest Patreon subscribers:

Becca (bethy40)

Jennifer (CPhTCrochetist) and


Until next week,


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  1. The dark brown roving is just gorgeous Rachel! I really love how that is spinning up!

    1. Thank you! I am really loving it!

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