Episode 25

Today marks the last Friday in June! Through out the month, I have been slowly releasing items to build towards the new ‘face’ of Wool n’ Spinning. At the beginning of the month, I committed to 4 vlogs that would occur weekly with the intent of deciding whether this new recording schedule was sustainable. I was encouraged greatly by your enthusiasm, support and momentum, continuing on to update the SPAKALs and launch the Tour de Fleece team for July 2016 in the Ravelry group.

Following that, I decided to offer the opportunity of connecting even more by launching the Slack channel, which I am pleased to say you have really enjoyed thus far. We have had great conversations and begun to get to know one another even better!

Lastly, I decided to hit the huge button in my humble opinion which was to start the Patreon support page as a way for me to value the work that I do and sustain the podcast, teaching and community-building activities we have started to embark upon. You have once again humbled me with your support and excitement! I am so pleased to announce we are well over halfway towards launching not our first but our SECOND milestone! That is so exciting.

As we enter July, what shape is Wool n’ Spinning going to move towards?

Together, I hope we will be able to launch the biannual breed studies soon and begin not only to support and encourage one another, but to add studying together as something we do in our community.

The weekly vlog posts will continue in the format they have taken naturally during June. I have some giveaways coming up although I am not promising that giveaways will continue as a feature of the vlogs; however, I am pleased to offer them when I am able.

The Slack channel will continue as a place to gather, build community and support for our projects, studies and friendships. There is value in this work that we are doing there. For those enjoying the opportunity to use the platform throughout Tour de Fleece, please remember that as part of the Patreon support for the platform, you will be able to continue using this awesome tool past the Tour!

As we look to the future, I have mentioned the breed studies. As well, I see a future of teaching and coaching in a manner that creates community and fosters learning. In the form of Google Hangouts, Skype dates and rotating rewards (ie. Subscribing to one of those rewards only for one month on Patreon), these aspects of the tech world are just the beginning for our community to connect with one another. Ideas and thoughts as we move forward are more than welcome – never hesitate to email or message me to continue the conversation. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Lastly, Canada Post has been in escalating job action for the past couple of weeks so I will mail out parcels as I am able to within the confines of our public mail service.

For interest about the Wool n’ Spinning Tour de Fleece group and the Slack channel, click here. I need an email address from you and your name to add you to the roster/Slack. All Tour de Fleecers will have access to the Slack channel until the finish of the Tour unless you are a Patreon supporter, at which point, your Slack will continue indefinitely!

For more on my YouTube channel, click here.

For my handspun projects page on Ravelry, click here.

For the Project Fleece GIVEAWAY, – please send me your mailing addresses and full names via email: rachel [at] welfordpurls [dot] com. Thanks!!

Thank you to our newest Patreon subscribers:

Becca (bethy40), Jennifer (CPhTCrochetist), Candi (Candicehiles), Kat (askatknits), Linda (Kai-lyn), Pat, Beverly.

Until next week,


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