Another installment of my weekly video-log (vlog), focused on discussing my process around turning fibre and fleece into yarn and, eventually, knitted objects.

Happy Canada Day! and holiday weekend for many. Thank you for tuning in this week – I chat about a local crossbreed for Tour de Fleece, a lack of twist in my American Tunis and having to change spindles, a handspun knitting project I’ve started 3 times and a finished skein of handspun. June’s teaching content video was not an early access this month as it paired with Sweet Georgia Yarns’ fibre club and can be found here.

We have unlocked Breed Studies! For more, please stay tuned.

For interest about the Wool n’ Spinning Tour de Fleece group and the Slack channel, click here. I need an email address from you and your name to add you to the roster/Slack. All Tour de Fleecers will have access to the Slack channel until the finish of the Tour unless you are a Patreon supporter, at which point, your Slack will continue indefinitely!

For more on my YouTube channel, click here.

For my handspun projects page on Ravelry, click here.

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